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  1. MattMc

    RAC riding meetup thread

    I publicly asked them on their FB page and within hours was banned and no reasoning was given. I wasn't being a dick either, just asked when they were going to go remove their trash and that was that.
  2. MattMc

    RAC riding meetup thread

    Boy they sure didn't make you any prettier and I doubt the next few days will help ! Hopefully you have some good pain meds. If you push that little button next to the bed, pretty women come in and take care of you. ­čśë Again, if you need something smuggled in, we're not that far away either.
  3. MattMc

    Yz426f low compression

    Well, from just getting prices on my 450 I can tell you that it's a bad head, piston, rings or cylinder. The head most likely will need redone anyhow. Valves are $60, $40 for the mill work and new seats installed. ( from my local shop ) That makes it $500 for the head alone, YMMV. Now if it needs a cylinder add in another $300 minimum, plus piston, rings plus gaskets and you're up to about $1000 minimum depending on how much work you do or have the shop do. On top of that you have no idea what shape the bottom end is in and it might need done as well.
  4. MattMc

    Place to ride in lancaster pa

    Other than a local club or MX track you probably won't find anything if you don't know someone with land to play on. There's nothing down that way that I ever heard about that was legal. AOAA might be the only place you can ride with the little ones that's remotely close. I grew up in Parkesburg and everything between there and Quarryville was long gone before I moved a few years ago. FRO/RAC is worth the day trip and the price if you really want to ride and plan on doing it at least once or more a month. AOAA allows younger kids ( not sure minimum age ) to ride and be there as well but FRO has a 12yo age limit.
  5. It's been done but depends on the day and the mood of the managers most likely. Some don't have an issue and others have had to leave. The "old" parking lot at Burma was vacant last time I was there and a lot of people parked in the new one. Just up the road 500' is another lot on the right to park a few vehicles in. Another 1/4 mile up farther is yet again another lot/area to park in. I am with you on the donut cutters. Last weekend at Darkwater a few ATV's unloaded and just ripped it up right in the driveway/entrance after unloading. Shorts, sandals and wife beaters but no gear. There's 20k acres there to do that on and you chose the parking lot to do 80mph and do donuts ?
  6. Yes, it was all RAC land but trying to seperate the coal mining from the dirt biking so they came up with FRO. Darkwater area has a long haul road that is fairly easy to ride and you can branch off exploring easily and not get too lost. Burma is a little bit harder to navigate but the area is explorable without much issue. I use my cell phone and OsmAnd to track my way around usually and to find my way back if need be.
  7. MattMc

    RAC riding meetup thread

    Anyone here ride over at Hecksherville area and lose something recently. If you know what it is and maybe a description I'll see it gets back to you. Green and white "cloth" paper with Washington, Lincoln, Franklin etc. is not a clue, nor will any of those be returned to you. ( my bikes broke, sorry )
  8. MattMc

    RAC riding meetup thread

    It's the bike that makes him look good. I'd hop on that Husky as well but my knees would be in my helmet with my big ears.
  9. MattMc

    RAC riding meetup thread

    I'll be there Saturday, working. To add insult to injury my newest job site is 2 miles from the Valley road parking lot. I all but drive past it every day, twice. :sigh:
  10. MattMc

    RAC riding meetup thread

    Dusty. A lot of the puddles were pretty dry but there are still a lot of muddy and slippery spots out there. It wouldn't hurt to get a nice shower overnight to help kill the dust or you'll find yourself splashing puddles and eating dust, repeat. It makes a nice layer of filth by the end of the day.
  11. MattMc

    Scranton PA

    If you want less rocks in this area your only choice is going to be a motocross track or dirt roads. Lost trails, AOAA and Famous Reading Outdoors consist of mostly rocky trails. It's all coal country around here and rocks are a part of riding the area.
  12. MattMc

    RAC riding meetup thread

    I'm making friends on Youtube again. :sigh:
  13. MattMc

    RAC riding meetup thread

    Which one of them is for rent now ? I pooched the top end on the YZ so it's going to be like your Beta for a while... I might bring the big bike up and punish myself on it for a while as well. Not sure yet. Glad to see you finally get back out again. It's been a long winter !
  14. MattMc

    RAC Insurance Requirement

    I can wholeheartedly say that Geico is absolutely NOT the way to go, motorcycle or car. I personally know at least 3 people who have had to sue them and fight them to get ANY payment for medical bills or vehicle repairs. One is still fighting to get anything fixed on his totaled vehicle. Geico sent someone to pick it up from the yard it was in yet they never paid anyone for it. Luckily the yard owner did not let it go. Another was a claim on a truck in an accident and it took over a year for him to see one penny for repairs and that didn't happen until a judge ordered it, and then some. You get what you pay for with insurance and the cheapest option is not always the best. I pay about $600 a year for full coverage on my big bike. Not because I am forced to but because it's what I feel comfortable with. I could pay about $150 a year but if I crashed the only thing being paid would be the loan and no medical bills. Another option is Ryder insurance.
  15. I was wondering if they were ever going to step up the security, good for them. I do forget my windshield pass a fair amount though.