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  1. Do I just need to buy a left side case to fix this?
  2. mxrider33

    250f vs 450f

    I am 15 6 foot and 150 and am thinking about starting dirt bikes instead of quads. I have a raptor 700 right now and have had it for about a year. I have had a few dirt bikes a 125 2 stroke and I have a 125 4 stroke just to mess around on now. Never road either of these bikes but if I pick the 250f/r will it have enough power cause I don't wanna downgrade on power from my 700.
  3. mxrider33

    250f vs 450f

  4. mxrider33

    450r or 660

    I am trying to decide either to buy a trx450r or raptor 660. I am 15 and have been riding for 4 years, dirt bikes and 4 wheelers and just came off a raptor 250 all modded out. I ride mainly trails and backroads. Which would be all around better for trails and backroads. I want something that is reliable also. Dont want a 400 sport quad cause i feel there down on power.
  5. My 2008 raptor 250 has never started right. It nevers hit right away, and if its just a little cold it will not come close to starting. I have bought a new starter battery and selonoid and it still doesnt start right and if i keep try and keep starting it will break the selonoid, and i will have to get a new one, which has happened 3 times. It will start but, never has right so what do i need to do so it doesnt keep blowing my selonoid and so it starts right up. btw the motor and everything is perfect it just doesnt start right.
  6. There are no crf 250x's where i live but there are a lot of wr 250f's. Would this be a good trail bike for me? i am 15 6 foot and 150 pounds and have a raptor 250 and had a ttr 125. I ride on trails and backroads and like to wheelie.
  7. mxrider33

    is a crf 250x a good bike for me?

    Thx, i now plan on getting one in the spring if i can find one!
  8. mxrider33

    is a crf 250x a good bike for me?

    I have not rode bikes this big, but have rode a kx 125.
  9. I am wanting to start riding dirt bikes again. I am 15 years old 6 foot 150 pounds and i now have a raptor 250r all modded out and had a ttr 125 that was modded. I have been riding dirt bikes and 4 wheelers since i was little so im not a beginner and want to know if the crf 250x would be a good choice. I ride mostly trails and like to ride aggressively.