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  1. Alright good stuff so far i havent got the jobs yet but imediatly after @SilvFx said stick to offroad bikes i went on craigslist and found a Yamaha XT 125 2006 model in good condition for 950 euro and a yamaha tt-r 125 2006 model also in good condition for 850 euro. (here are the links for picture purposes obviously ;D Xt https://www.ss.com/msg/lv/transport/moto-transport/motorcycles/yamaha/fdpfx.html Tt-r https://www.ss.com/msg/lv/transport/moto-transport/motorcycles/yamaha/dxojj.html And if i get the ttr i save 150euro (considering i make about 1k) for repairs and stuff later on.
  2. Oh yeah.. sorry about that @Padilen Ill definetly keep what you said in mind @SilvFx cause im not looking forward to dying anytime soon... Ok so i guess this is it then for now when ill get the money ill definetly let everyone here know my bike choices so i dont end up buying a piece of trash. Thank You!
  3. 2 of my friends ride scooters and im sure you dont really need to learn how to ride a scooter no shifting speeds and all that then 1 of my other friend rides and kawasaki klx125 and one dude rides an old jawa so i could ask them. Thanks!
  4. Ok thanks ill keep those bikes in mind
  5. It's always good to check in with people that can help. So you are not bothering anyone. Good luck on the job. Since I'm not familiar with your laws and roads, u can't offer advice in street vrs dirt. I ride both, just not on express ways. ok thanks dude ill see whats best for me at that time
  6. Ok so its summer 2018 i have a chance to get 2 jobs which would bring me up to more than 1000€. And ive been thinking about street bikes alot because in my country when youre 16 (im 15) you can get a license for a 125 and if i have more than 1k€ i can buy a honda cbr125 or i could just buy an offroad bike and make that street legal or maybe not even mess with the streets because of how dangerous it may be. Just keeping you updated i dont even know if you want to bother with me anymore or if you even recieve notifications.. Yeah.
  7. Ok so ill just check craigslist when i have the money (summer 2018) and see what i can find.. Thank You for helping out!
  8. What would you say if i bought a Honda CR80 for my first bike ? Would it be too fast? But ive read about 2 strokes and theyre cheaper to maintain , lighter , faster ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) the one bad thing (maybe not even bad ) is the powerband which i kind of still dont understand what does it do and why does it do it?? 4 strokes also have a powerband (right) but the powerband isnt as "strong" on the 4strokes... This post is probably dead anyways so i dont even expect answers tbh but what ever ill just buy a bike 2018 summer and post it on here and then ill see if i did the right thing or no..
  9. So my first bike should be a trail bike not a street legal bike yes? well like a dzr 125 not cbr 125r? Well i could get the dzr street legal at 16yrs but you get the idea
  10. So guys i didnt get my bike this summer im saving up for like a honda or yamaha i dont want a chinese bike they will break and im going to invest way too much momey in them... Well yamahas and hondas also will break but not as much i hope... all my school friends are getting chinese bikes thinking theyll last but im just going to save uo longer and get a 10x better bike ;P
  11. Stupid question but if the seat height is 22 cm longer than my inseam its basically not-ridable for me right?
  12. Well here i found one on craigslist but it costs 990€ which is like 1000$+ well i Probably could work all this summer than ask dad to maybe add some money but i think the best would be that i would just buy the bike all by myself because my parents are pretty against bikes well i dont know why tho because my grandpa used to ride one too and he didnt die from it. I guess its just in my blood ;D