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  1. Ok so ill just check craigslist when i have the money (summer 2018) and see what i can find.. Thank You for helping out!
  2. What would you say if i bought a Honda CR80 for my first bike ? Would it be too fast? But ive read about 2 strokes and theyre cheaper to maintain , lighter , faster ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) the one bad thing (maybe not even bad ) is the powerband which i kind of still dont understand what does it do and why does it do it?? 4 strokes also have a powerband (right) but the powerband isnt as "strong" on the 4strokes... This post is probably dead anyways so i dont even expect answers tbh but what ever ill just buy a bike 2018 summer and post it on here and then ill see if i did the right thing or no..
  3. So my first bike should be a trail bike not a street legal bike yes? well like a dzr 125 not cbr 125r? Well i could get the dzr street legal at 16yrs but you get the idea
  4. So guys i didnt get my bike this summer im saving up for like a honda or yamaha i dont want a chinese bike they will break and im going to invest way too much momey in them... Well yamahas and hondas also will break but not as much i hope... all my school friends are getting chinese bikes thinking theyll last but im just going to save uo longer and get a 10x better bike ;P
  5. Stupid question but if the seat height is 22 cm longer than my inseam its basically not-ridable for me right?
  6. Well here i found one on craigslist but it costs 990€ which is like 1000$+ well i Probably could work all this summer than ask dad to maybe add some money but i think the best would be that i would just buy the bike all by myself because my parents are pretty against bikes well i dont know why tho because my grandpa used to ride one too and he didnt die from it. I guess its just in my blood ;D
  7. Now i cant decide if i should work this summer like 1 or 2 months and buy a chinese bike that probably wont last that long or work all this summer than mby next summer and buy a honda/yamaha/kawasaki 125cc....
  8. Ok if i find a 2-stroke ging to check it out (cant find any on craigslist)
  9. Ok thanks its good that you recommend 4-stroke bikes because i dont see any 2 strokes and i was looking at 4 strokes anyways. About the license yeah im pretty sure you dont need it in my countey aswell because mt friend is the same age and has a lifan dirt bike. Thanks!
  10. Last question before this ends 4 or 2 stroke? And why
  11. Ok thanks for everything this article will probobly be in-active until summer or so im allready having luck finding a job otherwise im going to keep you all updated Thanks for everything! Have a good one!
  12. Wait you need a license to buy a dirt bike right?