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    Wrist pin size question

    Are there any small(ish) bore kx/kdx 2 strokes that have a 12mm wrist pin size? Researching options for connecting larger piston to kx60 rod. Unless someome has a bigger and/or cheaper big bore solution than boring 5 over and using a kx65 piston? Top end is on its way out. Bike is strictly for dangin around.
  2. Cole Murphy

    KDX 80 Engine Options...

    It's a kids bike so it's worth nothing..... and gee thanks for answering my original question that really helps........
  3. Cole Murphy

    KDX 80 Engine Options...

    Do I have any options for bigger swingarm and rear disc brakes? Going to get a klx110 disc conversion kit for the front.
  4. Cole Murphy

    KDX 80 Engine Options...

    So in theory I could put a kdx cylinder on my kx60? What else can I put on my 60?
  5. Cole Murphy

    Kx60 swingarm

    Does anyone know if a kx80/85/100 swingarm (post '88) will bolt on to a kx60 (post '85) not including the linkage and shock? Trying to get some more height out of this and turn it into a real mini montster as well as a disc brake conversion atleast in the rear. Open to any ideas even if that means I have to frakenstein this thing. I realize all the other parts I will have to buy including a wheel. Just wondering if it's possible. I've never been more scared to loop a bike before, this things hauls! Also if anyone has info on converting to 65 forks that would be appreciated. Not much info on these bikes but they seem cheap to build and I don't understand why there 't a market for it.