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  1. Yes you're right the rebound was all the way soft. And my measurements are close but maybe not perfect. Thanks for the reply.
  2. I posted the pictures of the shim stacks with the measurements below each shim. I can see it here but if it's hard for others to read I can type it out.
  3. I'm not sure if the pics will work, but I rebuilt the rear shock today and put it back on the bike. Hopefully the seal doesn't leak because I didn't get the bullet tool and did a tape trick that didn't work... But I can tell just bouncing on the bike I will like it better. I'm still looking for valving input, but I'm going to ride it and see what I think.
  4. I took the shock off between dinner and giving the kids a bath. Hopefully I can take it apart tomorrow night.
  5. Seems like a good product. If I lived farther away from LA it would be a no brainer. If I can't get it to where I'm happy I might just take it to Race Tech or XRs only and have them do it. Also, There is 805 suspension about an hour from my house. Anyone have experience with them?
  6. Ya if I had realized there wasn't much info available on the 600 I might have just gone with the uSD forks. But since, I just got the parts in the mail I think I'll move forward. I feel like the xr600r is more capable than I will ever be anyway. Maybe I would be a little faster on a modern bike but I'm ok with being a little slower at 39 years old. Thanks for the input. Btw, I was almost scared to order for XRs only after reading reviews but they were helpful. When I called to order more parts they were upfront that they didn't have a seal and it would delay my order a few days.
  7. Ok thanks. One of my next questions was where do you buy shims. I think you're right I should just buy the gold valves but I already have springs coming. I assume they can account for my springs. Sometimes I need to remind myself that I have more money and less time than I used to. Thanks again.
  8. I have a couple more questions. I keep reading that when you put heavier springs you have to slow down the rebound. I don't have rebound clickers on the xr600r so I guess I need to get that right. But it seems like since I'm heavier and I finally have the right springs it should be pretty close because of the extra weight. Any thoughts? I'm starting to think I'll rebuild them with the new springs and worry about the valving after I ride it and get a feel for what it needs.
  9. Great info here. Following.
  10. Thanks for the reply. I've seen that thread but it was good to read it again. I've read the race tech stuff and don't really believe that I need the gold valves. I would have bought my springs through them if they would give me valving info. I bought their book to read about valving and it kinda glossed over it. I really don't blame them for trying to keep their secrets. And I don't expect XRs only to give up theirs just for a sale on a pair of springs but I'm going to do my research and try to figure it out myself rather than buy gold valves just to get shim stack advise.
  11. I'm considering taking a shim or 2 off of the compression side and putting it on the rebound side for starters if I can't find any info. Stupid idea? Also XR's only sold me 7wt for the front so that might slow down the rebound of the heavier springs a little. Or, maybe I'll leave the compression alone and try to stiffen up the rebound a little once I see the stack if I can figure out a way to. Right now the shock it all the way hard and the front it 2 clicks. Also, I'm thinking about having a single stack for simplicity instead of a double. I hope that's what I find so I don't have to second guess myself. The bike is street legal but I mostly care about the dirt.
  12. I'm not familiar with your bike but I believe you if you want softer compression you could find the compression stack and just put a couple of the bigger shims on the othe side of the little shim. Or lower the oil a little. But I don't know wtf I'm talking about so don't listen to me.
  13. So I ordered .47 fork springs and 11.5 rear spring for my xr600r from XR's only. And I bought the race tech suspension bible. So far I can't find any talk about what people have done for shim stacks or other fork mods. I have ideas about what I think I should do but why experiment if there is a known good starting point. I revalved my ranger about 10 years ago and I remember finding a lot of info online to help me with a starting point. I'm 6'2 230lb. The bike is plush now but bottoms bad when I get in the whoops and I blew out the bearing for the rear shock last ride. Any tips or tricks ? I'm not that great of a rider and no suspension expert but I'm pretty sure it can be set up better for me. I hoped the race tech "bible" would have some info in it but it seems like more of a sales tool for the gold valves...