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  1. Ryan Finerty

    Who has the nicest Kawasaki?

    2016 kx250f
  2. Ryan Finerty

    Helmet ideas.

    Guys, I bought this flat black v1 fox helmet and I want to add some Kawasaki green. Any ideas?
  3. Ryan Finerty

    DFI couplers?

    Hey guys I bought a used 2016 kx250f and did not get the couplers, is there any way we can get replacements? Green one us active right now.
  4. Ryan Finerty

    Any guesses, 2018 CRF250R release?

    Im in the market for another bike, I had an 04 crf250r years ago, loved it, However Im hearing rumors of a total rebuild for 2018, wondering how long the wait would be? Do they release same time every year?