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  1. fftoddster

    Top end problems

    Underside of piston is great. Stock pipe and silencer. Read about the timing. may try/check that. It is my sons bike, I asked if he felt pinging, detonation, but not sure if he knows any better? May be worth running a bit of race gas as this was a costly repair for just parts.
  2. fftoddster

    Top end problems

    Believe cooling system is fine. The head has never been modified. Only 2nd top end ever on this bike had to line cyl this time. thinking I will do a leak test once all back together. how to check timing?
  3. fftoddster

    Top end problems

    stock needle. squish? run chevron 91 octane, will start running 32:1 but doesn't that lean it out even more? How to do leak down test?
  4. fftoddster

    Top end problems

    Help. Burned up piston on 2003 YZ250 2stroke. Ride at Glamis in sand. Lost compression going up Oldsmobile. run 40:1 mix pilot jet 50 air screw 1 turn out. Main jet 182 with needle clip in middle 3rd notch. Stock exhaust appears it was still to lean. Ate piston on exhaust side rejet or do I have bigger problems? Don't want to lose another top end. premix ratio ok?
  5. fftoddster

    What jetting 2003 YZ250

    Oh and the needle clip was in 3rd (middle) notch
  6. 2003 YZ250 ridden at Glamis in sand with paddle tire. burrned up piston going up Oldsmobile hill. I run 40:1 mix. Pilot jet is 50, main jet is 182. Am I still too lean?