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  1. Hey guys I need some input on tuning my suspension for freeride/enduro. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Here's my stats for reference: Bike: 2017 KTM 500 EXC Riding weight: 170lb Tire pressure: 10psi Sag: 115mm Current Settings: -Fork: compression stock, rebound -2 clicks slower -Shock: Low speed stock, High speed stock, Rebound -2 clicks slower -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Current Issue: The other day I did a hillclimb 3rd gear dicked a couple times. When my front wheel hit the rock outcroppings the front end really spanked into the rocks, I felt really hard hits in the bars, like the rim hit the rock. Same feeling when I hit potholes rippin 4th hard, the front end really bangs hard and the bike gets hucka bucka. Anyone with some experience have any suggestions what needs to be done here?
  2. thevillain

    Euro mapping reviews

    I have a 2017 500EXC. Full De-Smog, FMF 4.1, Euro Offroad Map, (no tps adjust) I had the map loaded onto my ecu when I installed the exhaust. I dont have an acutal air fuel ratio sensor so im just going off feel. The bike feels like it has sufficent fuel, maybe slightly lean. But the bike runs strong, no backfires, strong throttle response. Id recommend it to anyone.
  3. I had this problem with my battery multiple times. My solution was to "kick" the battery charger with another battery then clip it onto the lithium ion battery. Random, but it worked perfect. So just turn your battery charger on, touch the leads to another battery that is charged to get the charger to run then quickly connect it to your lithium ion battery.
  4. thevillain

    The Official 2017 500 EXC De-Smog How-To

    As far as I know KTM offers an offroad only map for the 500exc. I haven't loaded it myself yet but I have seen multiple people state that they have had this loaded successfully onto their ecu. KTM Offroad Only Map Part Number: KM796EU17G0201
  5. Thanks for the info, it seems thats just the way they are. Tonight. Thinking that has something to do with it?
  6. Has anyone noticed that neutral is really hard to get into? I took my 17 500 EXC for its second rip today and had the hardest time getting the thing into neutral. I wanna know if its a brand specific thing or if I should be considering taking it into the dealer to have a look before the warranty expires.
  7. thevillain

    The Official 2017 500 EXC De-Smog How-To

    This is awesome stuff! thanks for contributing to the post Just to clarify, what map did you have reflashed to your ecu that doest throw a code when the solenoid is removed?
  8. thevillain

    The Official 2017 500 EXC De-Smog How-To

    That makes sense. Ive seen some reports that unplugging this throws a code on the ecu so I've been hesitant. Im going to remove it today. Ill let everyone know what happens.
  9. thevillain

    The Official 2017 500 EXC De-Smog How-To

    Thanks cisco 1 and ktmdana for this info. Have you done this to your 2017's? I know the previous generations have a threaded hole that can be plugged. However on the 2017 I didn't see any threads inside the port. Unless I'm missing something the 2017 has no threaded portion on the port, just a collar and o ring. Ive seen that bronc, theres some good info over there. I will be covering that soon
  10. Hey guys. Ive seen a bunch of information on doing the de-smog on our new 500’s and thought I would do a write up on how I did it. This write-up is currently "under construction", it would be great if anyone with experience could chime in on some of the questions I have at the moment. And with any luck we can get a detailed how-to together for everyone to use. -First things first remove the seat, un plug the fuel pump plug (you can see it connected to the tank) and loosen the 8mm fuel tank bolt. -Remove 4x 8mm shroud bolts and pull the shroud away from the radiator. And then remove the tank. -Use a rag to catch excess fuel in the lines and disconnect. Plug off both ends with the KTM supplied plugs, then remove the entire tank and shroud assembly. -And here she is in all her glory, dirty and all. In my opinion, the best looking engine I've seen. -On the right side of the engine you will see the “———-“ There are multiple ways to remove this from the system. The cheapest way I can see would be to get a rubber plug to put in place of the rubber hose. Alternatively a large ball bearing can be placed inside the hose to block off the air passing through. -Im a little bit more of a perfectionist so I will be removing the entire assembly and fabricating a plate to go in place of the unit. This is unnecessary but I'm trying to get my bike to be more like the actual race engines, and actually remove all the un needed parts that have been put on just for emissions. 1x 8mm bolt can be accessed with a long extension and the entire unit comes out . -Here is the finished plug. I transferred the shape of the machined block surface to some masking tape by sticking it to the surface and cutting it with a knife. I then used that to transfer the shape to a piece of aluminum stock which I then cut with a hacksaw and finished up with a file and sand paper. High temp silicon was applied to the plug and it was torqued down to spec. Thats all for now. I will be getting to the second part of the emissions removal early this week. You may have noticed the "-----" mid post, I'm not sure what the actual name of this part is. As well as, if anyone has done the alternative methods for plugging this part, could you please post what size plug you used, or ball bearing you used to cap it off. I will add that to the post for reference. Final thing. I will be tackling the "tip over solenoid"? (the black part under the throttle body) this week, but i have a few questions for some more experienced KTM guys. Ive done some exhaustive research into what this actually does when in operation but I've been unable to figure it out. Is it just a resistor that completes a loop to show the ecu it is on the bike? or is there some kind of switching function it preforms? My goal here is to completely remove it from the system, but I'm unsure at this point what the repercussions of unplugging it will be. Hope this helps everyone out!