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  1. Schnieber

    In need of 2007 Kx250f exhaust system

    Anyone have a 2007 kx250f exhaust system available for purchase?
  2. Schnieber

    Timing Problems

    The cam lobes are pushing all the way down on the intake valve buckets. I believe that the piston is hitting the intake valves. I could turn the piston over perfectly fine before i put the head on.
  3. Schnieber

    Timing Problems

    I just put a new piston into my 2007 KX250F dirtbike. Before i put the head back on, I could rotate the piston and crank just fine. I then put the head on, and the cams and did my best to make the timing was correct. When i go to turn the crank over with my ratchet, it will turn over then stop when the lobe on the intake cam is hitting the bucket. Any tips on what this might be? How to set the timing correctly?