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  1. lhc450x

    Lighting questions

    So I ended up mounting my 2 xl pros onto my handle bars using a mount I made. This should improve my night time riding over the bd oem headlight replacement. Both are plug and play since there both Baja designs lights. It’s as simple as unplug one and plug the other in. Here’s a pic of how it turned out. Also need to get a spot lense for one of the lights and see what combo I like better. Right now there both the combo pattern.
  2. lhc450x

    Lighting questions

    I do have your led headlight replacement on there right now. Just not as bright as I’d like. So I should be ok and already have dc power correct?
  3. lhc450x

    Lighting questions

    Can I run a xl80 with my setup? I think it’s your guys stator so it very well might be a 150w.
  4. lhc450x

    Lighting questions

    I actually found a Baja designs xl80 in my garage after making the original post. So I’m going to come up with a mount and keep my bd replacement led light on the bike and be able to put the xl80 off the bars for better light output. Both lights use the same plug so it will just be a quick unplug re-plug back in on the 80.
  5. lhc450x

    Lighting questions

    Kinda what I thought. Just wasn’t sure if I would have a draw down issue with the battery. Btw the bike is looking killer.
  6. lhc450x

    Lighting questions

    I have a 100w stator and updated rectifier. Currently running a Baja designs headlight replacement and wanting more light for night rides. I have a 70w kc hid light on the shelf and I’m wondering if my current setup will pull this light and not kill the battery while riding at night? The hid draws 5.83 amps and 70watts. I’d assume I’d be ok but thought I’d ask the experts. Thanks
  7. lhc450x

    450x Baja Build

    Congrats. Here’s my 05. I’m in the process of getting ready to send my bike to Jcr for some motor work to really make the bike come alive. I gotta say the best thing I’ve done to the bike was having the suspension setup for my weight and the terrain I ride. I’m looking forward to following your build. 🤙🏽
  8. lhc450x

    Aftermarket Exhaust Options

    I have a dr d on mine and love it. My header is also the baja header sweeps down a bit lower off the cylinder.
  9. lhc450x

    wheel fitment

    Kind of a shot in the dark here but does anyone know if a set of talon hubs and wheel off a yzf would work on my crf450x? Is it just a matter of the right wheel spacers and im good or is the axle sizes different in the hubs? A guy local to me has 2 really nice sets ups for cheap and i was wondering if they would swap over?
  10. lhc450x

    After Market Exhaust

    I run a dr d on mine with the baja header. My air box is opened up and carb is rejetted. Bike runs pretty good.
  11. lhc450x

    Sunday Funday

    Thanks man its a 05 x. Always been a honda guy. In the process of putting new white plastics on and a full sticker kit. A honda is the only bike ill ever ride haha.
  12. lhc450x

    Sunday Funday

    Awesome thanks man . Born and raised here.
  13. lhc450x

    Sunday Funday

    Id love to go but got family in town for fathers day this weekend let me konw next time you guys decide to go.
  14. lhc450x

    Sunday Funday

    You guys live in lake havasu? Thats where i live been looking for a group of guys to go ride with.