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  1. Thanks for your input Jim, the bike will be sitting till mid-April so about 4 to 5 months total.
  2. This weekend I'll be getting the bike ready for winter storage and I just realized I only have about 2 hrs of riding on the oil/transmission fluid. I always store the bike with fresh oil but with only 2 hrs on it do you guys think I should change it? Is it worth it?
  3. I'm waiting to talk to the Tech to find out more detail concerning his trouble shooting process. I would have bet it was the valves but if the valves were zeroed out it wouldn't have started today by simply replacing the fuel. Strange............
  4. mlatour, your correct about the fuel, however when the bike is stored for the winter the tank and carb are drained so there is no chance for attracting moisture over time. This also wouldn't explain why for a short period of time the bike would kick start but no estart. I'm very skeptical of this diagnosis.
  5. So the bike went into the dealer and the verdict is Bad Fuel. The carb was drained and filled with fresh fuel and i was told it started no probem. I'm not buying it, this bike get 94 octane every week so it's not a case of stale gas. Does anyone think this is possible or is this Tech missing something?
  6. Sofiedog, your right they probably just need shimming, they have been touched in 8 years. But since this repair is over my head and i have to take it in, i might as well change them. I don't like spending the money but i'm thinking i got 8 years out of these, i only ride about about 30 - 35 hours a year of 2nd - 3rd grar technical stuff so a good set of stainless will be the last time i have to replace/shim valves.
  7. This is my thinking, thats why I was asking for the Kibblewhite part numbers because i'm expecting the worst.
  8. Sofiedog, The bike starting by kicking when cold and not estarting was short lived, it won't start either way now hot or cold. When it did start by either method it ran as usual with no problems.
  9. Update, I checked the fuel system and the ingnition system last night and everything checked out. I'm afraid this only leaves the Valves as the the culprit. Based on all the discussions and recomendations I've decided to go with the Kibblewhite Stainless Steele valves and not have to worry about this again for a while. Can anyone tell me the Kibblewhite part number for the the intake valves i'm going to need? In addition besides the valves should i be changing anything else. Sorry if these sem like basic questions but this is the first issue I've had with this bike in 9 years. BTW it's an '08 250CRFX. Thanks......
  10. Got it...
  11. Chuck, what is your preferred method for grounding the plug?
  12. This might sound like a stupid question but If I pull the plug and turn the engine over to see if it sparks and it doesn't, it doesn't necessarily mean i have an ignition problem, it could be i have a bad plug. So my question is, can i test for a spark with any plug providing i don't install it or does it have to be the right one for the bike?
  13. Chuck, Thanks for the step by step detail but i don't have that level of expertise. My plan is simple because it has to be, first I'm going to pull the plug and replace it with a new one. I'll kick it and e start it, if it doesn't spark i'm going with ignition as the problem, if it sparks then i'm going to assume the valves are the issue. Either way it will have to go to the shop for repair I'm just hoping a little detective work can save me some money.
  14. Chuck, Given all the symptoms i provided earlier, is it your opinion that this is an ignition problem?
  15. In attempt to try anything before i shell out the bucks i will put the battery on a charger. However you state "If I don't, obviously I have to kick it and it is hard to start" mine will not start either way.