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  1. wesrunner

    Dirt bike header red hot (4 stroke)

    Glowing head pipe is normal at idle. Without air moving past it, the pipe will get red very quickly at idle while it warms up. I've heard it has something to do with cold valves not fully seating and allowing combusting fuel to escape the cylinder. All of my YZf's have done this.
  2. My 2002. Bought it running with a broken frame for 500 and rebuilt it.
  3. wesrunner

    2005 YZ250F Cylinder Head PN Stamp

    Thanks for the response. After speaking with the seller, it looks like it is from a 2004 and not a 2005.
  4. wesrunner


    I'm not saying OP needs to go find the same set of bars as I did. He asked how we decide on what bars to run. For 15 bucks I gambled and it paid off.
  5. It's a blind hole. Scared to drill it out as its already off center. Started with the double nut method and it wasn't working. Heated it up with the ole propane torch and drenched it with PB blaster to cool it figuring it'd help suck that crap down into the threads. Stopped at O'Riley's after work the next day and picked up a stud remover. Gave it a few taps with a little hammer before I used the extractor. Sheared right off first bit of force. Lost my temper and grabbed the drill. Bit walked a little bit but I figured there was sufficient material left on all sides. After failing with the extractor again and again the little hole is now a big hole and one side of the threads in the head are damaged. My own fault. Lesson here is patience patience patience. I just hate having to put something I'm working on down. Currently in contact with Dave at MXTIME was gonna send the head in for a rebuild. Asked him about a helicoil. Fingers crossed!
  6. Title pretty much nailed it. Trying to salvage this head. Extractors did not help me this time. Pretty much just chewed up the bolt and the threads in the head. What's the next step? The holes off center.
  7. wesrunner


    I've had luck purchasing brand new stock takeoffs from ebay. Have a set of bars from a 2015 250f I got for 15 dollars shipped. I figure for an older bike it's still an upgrade.
  8. Hi all, Working on doing somewhat of a resto on a 2003 YZ250F, and the first order of business is the motor. I ordered a new head that was advertised as a 2005, but it is stamped 5NL. As I understand it, '04s and '05s were prefix 5XC. Now I've already paid for the thing and I know it will work, regardless of the year, but I'm just curious if the newer castings still bore the 5NL stamp. The damaged head I pulled off is a 5NL as well but there is a chance that it was swapped over from an 01-02. Again, Just curious if there is a way to tell besides taking the sellers word for it.
  9. wesrunner

    easy GPS for and old man to buy

    No worries I work as a Geospatial analyst and try not to nerd out too much when I'm typing on forums.
  10. wesrunner

    easy GPS for and old man to buy

    The point I was trying to make was that you still need data transferability to download the base imagery. So while yes it is an "offline" app that can log positions and display them in a spatially accurate fashion, any type of pre-existing satellite imagery or reference layer would need to be addressed before disabling the device's data or cell service -whether it comes packaged with the app itself or is downloaded later. If you had taken the time to read the link I posted you would've seen it documented a workflow exactly as you were describing. Not arguing or saying you are incorrect just defending my previous post. Cheers -Wes
  11. wesrunner

    02 camsaft upgrade

    Don't forget about the plug where the '01-'02 decompression assembly is! It's part number: 90338-18004-00 It's grouped with the Camshaft Chain diagram for '03+ parts fiches and is reference # 13. The exhaust cam PN is: 5UL-12180-10-00 It's listed as a replacement part number on '03 and the standard part number for '05. Reference # 2 on the camshaft chain diagram for all years I looked at ('03+).
  12. wesrunner

    02 camsaft upgrade

    Yes it should come with the centrifugal decomp on the cam.
  13. wesrunner

    02 camsaft upgrade

    Any '03 and up 5 valve exhaust cam should work. My '01 had a Hotcams stage 1 which is listed as the same PN for '01-'13
  14. wesrunner

    Storage for a year > motor tips

    1. Disconnect fuel line and drain fuel tank. 2. Drain bowl I normally plug my exhaust and intake because mud daubers tend to invade my shop. You may have seen high RPMs due to a lean condition because of fuel starvation, but IANAE