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  1. Interesting! Even though it only backfires upon startup? How would I check this?
  2. I will check out those forums, but is the carb the same? I pulled the spark plug and it is in terrific shape, hardly looks used at all. But tue end is black. No significant carbon build up, but definitly looks like the engine is running rich. That confirms the jets must be tuned for sea level, and need changed. I just want to know which ones I need...
  3. Like I said above, I believe it is stock. And I said I have looked at both the service manual and the owners manual, and neither mentions jetting. Besides, stock is usually tuned for sea level, is it not?
  4. I have gone through the owners manual and the service manual, and neither one even mentions the jets at all! How is that possible? Jetting a bike properly is such a basic service. My KTM provides a chart with what size jet to use at what altitude and at what temperature... Yamaha has a note that says they tuned the carb extensively, and you shouldn't mess with it. HA! I suppose that is why it backfires, eh? If it was fuel injected, maybe.
  5. I just bought a nice little 2012 TTR-230 for my wife, and it runs great, but nearly every time we start it, it backfires loudly right before it starts. The bike is mostly stock, and I'd guess it has never been rejetted. I suspect if I swap jets and tune the carb a bit, the problem will vanish, but i can't figure out what jets I need. We live in Colorado, so we will be riding mostly between 6-10k ft altitude. Does anyone know what jets it needs, or even where I could find out? I am new to taking care of dirtbikes... I used to ride as a kid, but my dad did all the maintenance, so I am learning the other side of it now!