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    New(to me) 02' Wr 426

    No we had a massive snowstorm start shortly after i Posted the thread so im going to be taking it inside the house today and sticking a heater in the room with it and then im probably gonna pull the head off it and inspect it before i try starting it because I dont wanna do any more damage.
  2. Chance Ainscough

    New(to me) 02' Wr 426

    well I did leave the rad cap off so that any freezing that would potentially happen would have a place to go.
  3. Chance Ainscough

    New(to me) 02' Wr 426

    if the bike was never ran and i just took it inside is there a chance it would be fine?
  4. Chance Ainscough

    New(to me) 02' Wr 426

    lots of people leave their bikes out in the winter though. wouldnt that mean everyones bikes are screwed if theyre left out? especially if theyre reaching -20 etc
  5. Chance Ainscough

    New(to me) 02' Wr 426

    Hey Folks, Iv'e followed this forum for a while just for advice purposes and had great luck from all the information iv'e found so far. Unfortunately I have got myself a problem that I cant seem to find any insight into and its probably just my ignorance to dirtbikes and my bike in general but, hopfully some of you can shed some light onto my lowly knowledge. Right to it then- I just got myself a WR426. While looking it up ive found they are a pain in the arse to start. I spent hours just researching all the different "techniques" people use to start the bikes. I have found that the kicking down to TDC then pulling decomp and kicking through it about 1 inch rouchly, letting go of the decomp, raise the kick to the very top and haull ass through. Unfortunately out here in Nb, Canada, our weathers beenr anging from -10 to -30 so, the bike isnt starting right now (its a monster to start in good weather i hear so i wasnt hopeful of anything). NOW. I went away for a month and have had the bike parked in a unheated garage. I got home last night and figured id go outside and check the bike out and see if i could MAYBE get it going. I jumped on and went to do the drill. The kick wont move. Pulled decomp and tried to push through. Nothing. I noticed the rad fluid was frozen (before i left I unscrewed the cap to let any freezing that may have happened have somewhere to go and the cap is now stuck. That aside I didnt know if these bikes have anything that could freeze in them etc that could be causing this issue. The motor is brand new with about 10 hours on it. Is this just a case of, let the bike sit till its warm and see what its like in the summer months or should i take another course of action. Any help is much appreciated, and if anyon has any suggestions for how the bike should be started let me know! Thanks folks.