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  1. park.pop


    If they are anything like my 04 yz250f there should be little clickers at the top of the forks under the bars turning it towards the S should help a lot. If not you should be able to get softer springs for the forks
  2. park.pop

    What is this noise! 2007 Yz250F

    Did u ever figure out what happened?? My bike is doing the same thing
  3. I have a 2 stroke big bore it rides very nice and it still has power like it should. First ride yesterday from the winter and i turned it off let it warm up properly started first kick all new gas, oil, etc but when I turned it off it wouldn't start until it cooled down completely. Looking for some answers as to what's making it do this.
  4. park.pop

    What's wrong with my bike?

    What ended up happening to the bike ?
  5. park.pop

    What's wrong with my bike?

    No I have the tool for the spark plug the tool literally doesn't fit on to the plug. The space between the plug and the frame is too small to fit the tool that I had on me. I have the right tool at my dads house but not at my moms.
  6. park.pop

    What's wrong with my bike?

    No because I have a big bore on my bike and all the tools I have on me can't fit to take it out so I have to go to my dads and get a different tool in two weeks
  7. park.pop

    What's wrong with my bike?

    Hey I stalled my dirt bike the other day on the trails. I went to start off and it stalled then didn't start again. The countershaft seal was leaking so their was no gear oil (putting a new one in soon) it's a two stroke so I had motor oil. I cleaned the air filter and put more oil in. I kicked it and it will sputter for like a second and stop sometimes when I kick it it won't let me kick and my foot slides off the kick starter. I'm pretty sure I need a new topend but I don't have any cash to rebuild it so I'm looking for any other reasons why it's doing this. Thank you
  8. park.pop

    Pr2 race motor

    Hey I bought a RM85 with a pr2 105 big bore and I need to put a new piston in before I destroy the entire motor. I searched around everywhere and email Jeff (the pr2 race team mechanic) and he hasn't responded and it's been a month. Does anybody know what piston I should order online and do it myself or do I have get a piston from Jeff? Thanks
  9. I can push the kick starter with two fingers so i think it has low compression but it still runs amazing and doesn't have any issues. Is it actually fine or do I need a new top end
  10. park.pop

    2008 rm85l

    The engine was done by pr2
  11. park.pop

    2008 rm85l

    It has a 105 big bore uni air filter, large carb, cool head and v force 3 reeds. I bought this bike recently and I wanna know if anybody knows what 53mm piston to put in it when I need to put a new top end in. Also if any one knows the reliability of this engine if I keep up with all of its maintenance and I'm gonna be riding all fast trails.
  12. park.pop


    I just bought a 2008 RM85L with a pr2 105 big bore, v force 3 reeds, bigger carb and uni air filter. I wanna know what 53mm piston to put in it when I need a new top end and any ideas of its top speed