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    Front fork rebuild issues

    Definitely a couple things I can look at for sure. I'm thinking I didn't properly bleed the cartridge. As in cycle all the way in and out. Definitely cycled it. But not all the way. Probably too much oil now. I made sure to back the compression rebound clickers off. So hopefully that's not it. Appreciate all the info!
  2. jvanidour

    Front fork rebuild issues

    Oh ok. Well that makes sense. I wouldn't have had access to the rebound assembly then.
  3. jvanidour

    Front fork rebuild issues

    I did blow the whole rebound assembly out with compressed air. Anything there that would mess that up? Decided to do it myself given I'm now living so far away from any decent shop. My last Fork seal rebuild done locally was nearly $300 And lasted me 12.5 hours.
  4. jvanidour

    Front fork rebuild issues

    I did take the whole rebound assembly out. And bled them and drained the excess. The compression adjustment just doesn't seem to be doing much. I'll take a few mL out and see how they are. They sat for probably 2 weeks while I was on shift. So there shouldn't have been much for extra oil.
  5. jvanidour

    Front fork rebuild issues

    Just rebuilt my forks yesterday. First time rebuilding forks myself. Compression adjustment doesn't seem to be making much of a difference. In any setting. I've had my suspension done for enduro use by a couple different companies, and even pushing on the suspension and changing the settings will usually result in a visual significant change in where they travel to. Currently - From clicker settings all the way in, to all the way out, I'm getting maybe 5/8-3/4" difference. Rebound seems fine. I think I got that part right. Using 5wt fork oil. 306ml (the service manual I have says 306ml... though most of the forums I'm reading are saying 370ml-400ml, so that's adding to my confusion.) 2006 CRF450X 205lb rider. What have I screwed up?!?