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  1. wyattyz125

    yz125 problems

    I've been having some issues with with my 2000 yz125, first problem i need a new clutch basket and plates and was wondering what years share the same style of plates and basket. Next, i had the bike out a few times and its been ridden hard going through gears and high rpms but its running really rich. Its blowing oil out the tailpipe all over the back tire and swingarm. I mix the fuel at 32:1 and am not sure what the problem is?
  2. wyattyz125

    yz125 clutch isnt enagaging

    ok thanks
  3. wyattyz125

    yz125 clutch isnt enagaging

    Im new to this and im not really sure what the proper way is. What r some tips?
  4. wyattyz125

    yz125 clutch isnt enagaging

    Ive got a 2000 yz125 that I just did a full rebuild on and took it for its first rip the other night. When I pulled the bike out and got it going the clutch isn't engaging, when you kick it into first the bike just stalls. I had it apart and I'm really not sure what I'm looking at, should the push rod be loose when apart. Also when the clutch cover is on the rod that hooks onto the clutch should it move back and forth freely but it makes a clicking nose before it cant move any farther. what is my problem?
  5. Hey guys Im new to this site and ive got a problem i hope you guys can help me with. I've got a 2000 yamaha yz125 that i just did a full engine rebuild on and long story short i cant get it running. Its got spark and getting some fuel. Also the carb is shooting fuel out the overflow hose on the bottom and i took it apart and found a oring in the needle seat was ripped so i replaced it and it is still shooting fuel out of the overflow. I have put fresh fuel in it and it didnt make a difference. Where should i start to get the bike running and fix the carb. Thanks