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  1. LTJ

    Black Is The New Orange!

    Looks awesome. I'm headed to death valley in October, so I need a larger tank. How was the install with the IMS? Need any other things to make it work (fittings, gaskets, etc?). where did you buy it from? RM won't sell tanks to CA for EXC, but will for the XCF (stupid CARB).
  2. The oil transfer problem for the 08 to 11 ktm xcw bikes is a well known issue. I had an 08 that 450 xcrw that never had the problem, but I changed oil every 3 rides and sold it with a 120 hrs on it, so It might not have developed yet. Some have said the crankshaft center seal bore was machined out of tolerance causing the seal to work its way loose. Some just pressed in another seal in, others glued it back into place. Final solution was to modify the cases so it’s one reservoir. My opinion is a lot of the first bikes came with too much oil in the motor side. There was an error in the owners manual that it holds 700 cc’s, but was later corrected. When I bought my bike new, the engine oil was too full from the dealer, and I drained it before I rode it for the first time. Doing a regular oil change, I could only drain our 425 cc’s, so thats what I put back in and it was smack dab in the center of the sight window after startup and sitting overnight. Too much oil in the crankcase develops too much pressure too fast for the crankcase to vent access pressure causing it to pop out seals. I remember bringing my pride and joy home from the dealership and the reading a post on Thumpertalk from a guy who posted “Serious Design Flaw in new XCRW engine” and guys posted around the world having this issue. It put a pit in my stomach, so I was really anal with oil changes and levels. I only have one equantence that had an issue and he just parked it. other than that, I loved that bike until I sold it and bought my new 500 exc with a plate. Love that more.
  3. Here is my install. Reading bolt’s reply reminded me that I had to dremal the ribs on the lower fender mount by the rear tail light to make room for the wiring and connectors. Ignore pic of dirty under fender, nothing to show there since it’s dirty. Wanted to show there are no electrical cables showing.
  4. I have a 2017 500 EXC. I mounted my turn signals up by the seat, drilling the mounting holes and cable pass through holes to be inline with the channel of the under fender support structure. There are channels in the under fender part to run wires back to the rear tailight to connect your turn signals. It's a tight fit, especially at the tail light with the connectors, but with trial and err (moving the turn signals connectors to fit into pockets around the tailight), it will come together. Not the easiest thing to do, but is nice because there is no exposed wires that can be caught up. If this doesn't make sense, I can snap some pics and post them.
  5. it may run lean. Leave them in until you get the tuner.
  6. LTJ

    Suspension setup for 500 exc 17

    By chance did you align the forks properly when installing the front wheel? If the forks are out of parallelism, they will bind. Found that one out the hard way years ago on my RM250. It had the worst feeling front suspension until I realized the forks were binding up because they weren't aligned. The manual explains the proper sequence on how to align the forks. Basically you need to tighten the axle clamps on one side of the wheel, bounce the forks up and down so it finds its alignment, then tighten the other axle clamp. Also, what front tire pressure are you running?
  7. LTJ

    Suspension setup for 500 exc 17

    I believe so
  8. LTJ

    Suspension setup for 500 exc 17

    Hmm, I thought the bike was super plush stock, too plush. To the point I bottomed it over g-outs pretty easily. I weigh approximately 200 lbs without gear, or 220 lbs with gear. I contacted Slavens and he recommended to go +2 on spring rates front and rear. I did that and am happy now. Still super plush on the slow speed single track whoops we have here in northern CA, but doesn't blow through the stroke when I hit a jump or g-out. Maybe with your weight you are riding deeper into the dampening curve? Bones Bacon at pro circuit says stiffer springs will ride plusher if you are heavier then than the stock spring rates because you are deeper into the dampening because the dampening is function of stroke (unless it's the speed sensitive suspension like SSS KYB's).
  9. LTJ

    2018 KTM 500 EXC-F

    Finally got a chance to properly ride my 17 500 EXC with the vortex installed on map 1 (reeds removed), runs fantastic! The dreaded cough and die is gone (I had Euro map with exhaust screen removed, reeds in). Still smooth in the lower rpms for single track, then really honks and goes at upper rpms. Also sprung the bike for my weight (220 lbs with gear, 200 without), so +2 on spring rates front and back and it's so much better. Still super plush in the single track, but doesn't blow through the travel when I hit a g-out. Still not motocross stiff, but I don't want that.
  10. LTJ

    2018 KTM 500 EXC-F

    I pulled my reeds, I didn’t install the tube, I don’t think it’s needed. Intake velocity does create low pressure relative to the outside air, but I doubt it’s enough to collapse the boot. It’s a solution to a non existant problem. My transmission does the same thing. Gets better with time.
  11. LTJ

    2018 KTM 500 EXC-F

    Tires!!! I've heard good things about Shinkos, and they are cheap! Sninko 505 cheater in the rear, mx216 in the front. Uses the same molds as Golden Tire at half the price. I'm buying a set when I install my tubliss system. Stock tires suck, but worth ~$100 on craigslist and that will almost buy a set of Shinkos.
  12. Seat Concepts usually has great reviews. Friends run them and love them, but I have yet to try one. I did do a Guts Racking comfort seat foam and cover on my old 99 yz400 and loved it, much cheaper than buying a hole seat. Just invested in a harbor freight air stapler and it came out real nice. Super comfy.
  13. LTJ

    Vortex 2017 EXC-F 500

    I have 14/50 gearing. I like it for dirt.
  14. LTJ

    Vortex 2017 EXC-F 500

    Just installed a Vortex on my 17 500 exc. Haven't had a chance to ride it yet, but just sitting in the garage reving it, it already feels like a totally different beast. The throttle response is amazing. Can't wait to ride it.. Also pulled the reeds out. Definitely more intake honk. I was on the fence about pulling them or not. Jeff Slavens left his in because he likes a quieter bike. I decided to pull them because I don't like the idea of chunks of reed valve going through my motor. I want this bike to last, may be my last one.