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  1. Gabe Rodriguez

    Power valve problem

    Exactly!!! I get so confused when it comes to that mixing stuff. But yes so I guess it was more lube for the working parts . Haven’t had any issues since.
  2. Gabe Rodriguez

    Leader of the pack?

    I prefer to be upfront and out of the dust. But I too slow down for obstacles and technical spots because I don’t like to split from the pack. What’s the point of group riding if your just going to leave the pack.
  3. Gabe Rodriguez

    What to do If I'm riding alone

    I always have a small hydration pack with basic tools and a snack or two . It’s always important when your riding by yourself to never ride beyond or at the threshold of your skill. Your just asking for trouble. Even when riding in a group... the last thing I want to do is make my goofy friends responsible for getting me out of any situation.
  4. Gabe Rodriguez

    Power valve problem

    Also excuse me for not replying sooner. For some reason the website has been acting funny
  5. Gabe Rodriguez

    Power valve problem

    Turned out to be something with the mixture of the fuel. I was running it to lean . 50/1. Which is what I always run.i switched to 40/1, and it had no problems..
  6. Gabe Rodriguez

    Power valve problem

    Just redid the top end on my 04 200 exc and the powervalves keep sticking... what gives?