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  1. Working on a 07 yfz put all new electronics on wiring harness stator regulator coil etc will only spark one or two times then quit turn the key off then back on then will spark once or twice need help
  2. Just put a new carburetor on a 610 mule and it’s pouring fuel out of the vent tube on the carburetor and acts like it has a rough idle act likes it’s flooding
  3. Not getting any spark have a new coil Cdi stator voltage regulator and resistor still no spark what else is there to replace
  4. it charges fine wen i ride at my buddys track i had it die out there and jumped it made a lap and i didnt have to jump it after that through out the day
  5. I ran a mid south race Sunday and my battery died right off the start and finally got jumped then made half a lap and I stalled it and wouldn't start back need to see if I can put a xcw kicker kit in my bike if it will work
  6. race tech says stock is 5.8 but in the wps catalog at the shop i wok at says stock is 5.2
  7. on a 2013 450sxf whats the factory rea spring rate trying to go stiffer and there are no numbers on my spring thanks in advance
  8. 2013 ktm 450sxf rode it this past weekend runs fine till the decel and start popping but when I pulled my exhaust to pull my back shock out for a stiffer spring I put my finger in the head pip and it's black like jet tuxedo black and was thinking how could it b lean piping if it's running rich
  9. No I got it fixed it was the box under the ecu that has up on one side and dn on the other it was upside down
  10. Timing is fine the maps are fine took it to the dealer and they said it's like killing all the power to and the starts right back up easy could the coil being loose cause this or a bad kill switch
  11. my tps sensor is marked on the sensor and the throttle body macthed the marks up and no codes b4 or after checking sensor im going with the mapping is off bc b4 i put new valves in the old valves and head pipe was really black so guess is its running really rich b4 not sure wats it running now
  12. i dont recalling messing with the tps any and i checked all the plugs wen i plugged them back up and basically has to b wide open pretty much if not it will die
  13. i have a 2013 ktm450sxf and jus did a complete rebuild on the bike and it runs fine wide open but when riding in the woods it dies like every 5 seconds i have a yoshi full system so idk if the maps has been played with or what any info would help out great thanks
  14. yes has plenty of compression
  15. have a 2000 XR 400 in the shop put new stator, coil plug, new topend, rebuilt carb, and adjusted the valves will spit and spurter wen being pulled but wont stay fully running or wont start wen kick start plz help out were all puzzled about it at the shop