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  1. Thank you for the help. Will be tearing it apart again this weekend and checking it.
  2. Going to try that this weekend. Do you know why fuel is leaking out of the vent hose? It started doing that when I put the blank leak jet. Does it when i blip the throttle, does not happen when bike is shut off.
  3. I'm new to carbs so forgive me on this. I tried searching as well but didn't find anything. I have a 07 wr450 supermoto with 170 main, 48 pilot, stock starter jet, blank leak jet, jd red needle at 5th clip , and fuel screw at 1.75 turns . I do have the tps disconnected and the grey wire mod done as well. I verified float bowl height at 8mm. I timed the ap squirt to barely miss the slide and I can blip throttle without it dying like when i had the 60 in there. I'm getting a .66 squirt with a blank leak jet ( i timed it many times to confirm ). Got around a .38 squirt with a 40 leak jet. I can see light black smoke coming out of the exhaust when i blip the throttle in neutral so I'm guessing its too much of a squirt? What symptoms can too rich of a leak jet cause? I'm also getting fuel leaking from one of the vent hoses ever since I put the blank leak jet..only happens when i blip the throttle, does not happen when bike is off. I am getting a missing/sputter type issue when on the highway at constant throttle so not sure if the leak jet can be an issue. I know its a common problem on the wr450's so I will be trying to raise the clip on needle to #2 this weekend like William1 suggested. Just wondering what problems can arise when having too much of a squirt. Should i go back to the 40 leak jet? Thanks for the help guys!
  4. Hows it going guys! I just got a supermoto about 2 months ago and have been tinkering away. Today after installing new jets and completely cleaning carb and rebuilding it I've had some issues. At wide open throttle there isnt a problem but at constant throttle I get a feeling like the bike misses and i lose power for a split second ( kind of like a sputter/surge ). Felt it while i was riding on the highway. Current elevation is around 500', humidity is around 85%, and temperature today is 60-70d F. I also had some trouble turning it on yesterday after a ride, turned on with hot start only. TPS disconnected and grey wire disconnection has been done. Current jetting specs: 2007 wr450 170 main 48 pilot Leak jet plugged Jd red needle 5th clip down Every other jet is stock Fuel screw is 2 turns out from completely closed Any idea what it can be? Thanks for the help!
  5. Hows it going guys! I just got a 07 wr450 supermoto and I've been fine tuning the jetting. Jetting 170 main 48 pilot plugged leak jet Jd red 5th clip down every other jet is stock Merge Ap spring Mods include opened airbox, grey wire mod, ais delete, yz shorty slip on ( stock header ) Elevation 500' Temperatures 75-95 Humidity 70-85% After research I've learned I should be getting close to a second as far as squirt duration goes for the AP. With a 40 leak jet i was getting around 38 seconds and with the plugged all im getting is around .66 seconds. I've gone through the whole carb and replaced pretty much everything, cleaned it well as well. Why is it that I cant get to a second? It shoots far and barely misses the slide so I know its working. What can be causing it to shoot only .66 seconds? I ask because most videos out on youtube that show a blank jet usually shoot above a second. Thanks for the help guys!