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  1. My countershaft broke on my 96 xr400. As long as I have the cases split and the top end off, I'm going to upgrade the countershaft to a 99 as well as the Kickstarter spindle to a 99. Also a mikuni pumper carb. As long as I have it open what else should I switch out. Piston rings, 430 kit? It's got a 440 kit in it but I don't know how old it is and it leaks a little oil between the gaskets that aren't seated quite right because a few of the head bolts can't get past the gasket and one is snapped off at the threads and stuck in the case (maybe a helicoil or something stronger, I'm not sure). I assume I need a full gasket kit, -1999 countershaft Honda #23220-kcy-671 -Idler gear bushing (15 mm)Honda part #28222-kk0-000(with this bushing use your idler gear.don't buy a new one, unless its damaged) -washer Honda # 90452-701-000 (see fiche ) -oil seal Honda #91204-kcy-672 (behind idler) -Idler side countershaft bearing Honda #91004-kcy-761 99 Kickstarter assembly with 99 spindle oil seal and machine out the hole 1mm larger. Anything I'm missing or should know before I get going? Thanks
  2. My 96 has the same issue. So the top end has to come off? With it off new rings are recommended? How about replacing it with a 430 kit? Anything else I should replace or look at wail it's all taken apart? Thanks