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  1. Hendy

    Resalue value of husqvarna bike

    09-10 are great and hold their value, and 2015+ which is why I ended up just buying new. Anything older or in between those years are a hassle to find parts and orba junky BMW.
  2. I just got my bike back together all I can say is woah! So much power and very smooth. Mods include fmf powercore 4, removal of all smog junk, removal of reed cage, ecu tuning, Perelli mt21 tires front and rear, 48 tooth super sprox, and racetech springs from and rear. Had time to ride it down the street a few miles, what a HUGE difference. Need less to say I'm very happy with my bike now. Let
  3. You don't need the second one only the large bolt.
  4. There is only the one for the air injection thing right? If not what is the second plug you're referring to
  5. Is anyone changing the header on their 17 501? It doesn't seem like anyone is making headers for the bike. FMF has megabombs for the Fx line, are the frames the same?
  6. Question before I rip the wrong part out. Is the "reed cage" that rectangular rubber screen thing behind the air filter? Or if some could post a picture of what needs to be cut out that would be lovely. Thanks in advance
  7. Does this make enough of a difference to avoid the cost of a fmf pipe? Has anyone done this with the reed cage removed EU map and smog delete?