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    XR400 exhaust muffler hanger bolt sheared off

    That's for the reply. I sorted it in the end. Went for a walk to collect my thoughts and it came to me. Involved my grinder, cobalt bit and a new bigger bolt. Thanks for the help!
  2. Hi all, hoping someone can offer some advice because my morale is seriously waning! i rescued a stricken XR400 2003 model a couple months back. It had had a hard life on the west coast of the UK, before being parked up and stored for 7 years without being cleaned down. it is ridden with rust, and almost every bolt seized. The one I have a problem with is the muffler hanger. The bolt completely seized and slowly broke away as I tried different methods to get it out. It completely sheared off, flush with the bracket so I started to drill it out. It was going well until a 2.5mm bit snapped in the hole, so now I can't get that out either. Attached are some pics. I cant weld either, so that's out the question. Im tempted to grind it off and find a new way of hanging the muffler? any ideas very welcome! jim