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  1. 120 dunlop... powder is great as long as one remembers it is a coating and can be scratched, dented, gouged, etc...
  2. It's a rather personal question I admit however that was done the day it was complete. Doesn't quite shine that much now nor do I desire it to. Thank you for your comments, bad dad
  3. The battery savings alone was 7 lbs...the exhaust was another 8lbs and then just misc other stuff just added up. I was amazed.... I just realized I forgot to list the 1lb battery i purchased......the factory tail lamp assembly was formidable as well
  4. Ps... saved 23 lbs from stock weight...
  5. After reviewing pages of comments surrounding the Honda 250L as well as variations of modifications performed by many members herein, I submit mine for your review: Items changed from original: 1. FMF Mega 2. K&N Filter with 50% airbox throat increase 3. EJK Fuel programmer 4. SC 3/4" lower seat 5. Ram handlebar mount for phone or Garmin unit 6. Generic hand guards 7. Flatlands skid 8. Carbon fiber frame guards 9. Stock rims powder coated gloss black 10. D-606 skins front / rear 11. Swivel shift lever 12. 12'oclock labs rear digital lamp and fender saver unit 13. Metal chain guide piece 14. Generic Ram-style mirror mount and plastic rear-view unit 15. Removed evap canister, all associated hoses, clamps and pair-valve unit. Thanks to SR Moto for the parts consulting and supply. I'd recommend them as experts. Thanks to all of you on this forum for your kind and knowledgable mentorship thorugh the process