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    Flying, trail riding and long range varmint hunting. Most of all…spending time with the family.
  1. Getting ready to open a field of spuds and snapped this shot and thought it looked cool.
  2. Follow the JD jet kit instructions and keep detailed notes on what you did. I'm in Seattle area (sea level)...don't do 3x3 without rejetting...bike will be way too lean.
  3. Only about 1/3 of it is "gravel". Really hard packed with only a few loose spots and those are avoidable. Some potholes here and there that are also avoidable. Even sport bikes would make it. I hadn't taken the DRZsm on gravel yet so I took it easy the first few miles to get the feel of the SM's front brake. No problems. Theres several roads that you can explore too on the was. Could definitely spend all day exploring but would probably be wise to have a bit more traction off the main road like TKC70 / 80 or 705's.
  4. Mountain Loop Hwy Mt. Baker Snoqualmie National Forest. Solo 4.5 hour / 124 mile round trip from Marysville Wa and back. Lots of ADV and duel sport bikes...even spotted a DRZsm on the prowl. Absolutely gorgeous ride this morning. Nice and cool plus it had rained overnight in a couple areas so the smell of the mountain air was amazing. The gravel section was wet down a little so very little dust.
  5. Picked up this Hobbi few years ago. Had a section of the floor that was soft. I knew this when purchased and got it really cheep. Replaced the entire floor with oak plywood and treated with epoxy before installing. Was not an easy job but spent the time and did it right.
  6. They will not work without changing the flasher to one for LED's. Been on for 2000 miles without problem. I picked up 2 sets so I would have spares...wasn't sure how reliable they would be for $15 for 4 of them...so far so good.
  7. I installed one of these. Tied in to running lights with a relay so it comes on with key in the on or park position. Will not fast charge my Note9 but still charges batt while running Gmaps, location sender app and streaming tunes with bluetooth.
  8. New Sealight 6000k LED headlight and usb port thats switched on with key.
  9. Sweet...you'll have fun. Love to hear your thoughts after the swap.👍
  10. I bend down 2 sides each time and don't use an impact gun. Use washer for 2 sprocket swaps then install new. Been using Loctite 243 and 263 in the Aerospace industry for 30 years...on thousands of fasteners, never had it "break" threads on CRES, Ti, Al, steal or any unobtaineum in much higher stressed so thats never going to be a problem in this application. Just a drop or two for piece of mind. Is it necessary...probably not. 😎
  11. Putting Loctite on the threads and not the splines is not solving the real problem. The clearance and backlash of the sprocket on the shaft is what reportedly causes the internal wear to the 2nd gear bushing. Putting Loctite on the splines is what prevents this. If the wear happens Loctite on the threads will stop the nut from spinning off but in reality it doesn't matter much because the damage is already done to the transmission. No argument here on the loctite on the splines. Probably a good thing to do. I loctite most every nut and bolt...either blue or red depending on application. I just havent done the splines because I swap sprockets and don't want to deal with it. If the counter shaft gets worn...I'll replace it along with the gear set for the ACT's.
  12. I usually run a 14/41, unless I go on a long ride (highway 60mph and freeway 70mph true) where I run the stock 15/41. The 14/41 pulls well down low but at 75mph the motor is spooled up to much to go very far in my opinion. I can now swap the sprocket start to finish in 20 minutes, I put on a new lock washer every other time and a new nut every 5 or 6 change overs. I use stock length chain. I did not do the loctite fix on the splines because I change it every so often but I do use red loctite on the nut, torque to 100ft.lb and use torque seal on the nut to visually see if things are loosening up. This works good for me...
    TT didn't have the 2018 in data base so I put it in as 2019 but it is infact a 2018. Love the bike...so much fun. Been riding dirtbikes most my life mostly on trails and in the mountains but wanted a street bike so the DRZ400SM looked like the way to go for me. Don't need to go 160mph but wanted occasional freeway speeds for my 20 mile work commute and longer rides. THE MODS...3X3 mod really woke it up with the addition of the BlackPath exhaust tip. My home area is at sealevel to 1500 feet so the Dizzer was running a bit lean. The JD jet kit fixed that and made the bike run much better. Replaced the 15 tooth front with a 14 a kept the 41 tooth rear. With this gearing I'm good for sustaining 70mph with short runs at 80 on freeway. My biggest performance gripe is of course...no 6th gear. Other mods include SM front fender, milled the chain guard, LED blinkers, LED tail/brake fender eliminator and LED flasher. Also did all of the DRZ fixes except for the countershaft fix...I change front sprockets now and then from 15 to 14 and back. If im going on a long ride on the highways and freeways I put on the 15 and for urban riding she gets the 14t for added fun factor. Next mods: The TT case guards, wide foot pegs, Seat Concepts comfort seat, Zeta hand guards, an LED headlight and better break lines.
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