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  1. Denteen99

    Proud xr650L owner- Upgrade Guidance

    Thumpinred. Very seriously considering a '99 650 for myself and having my son ride my street legal 440 with pumper carb. So... get another xr400 or are you saying dont buy 650 because one will never stop modifying
  2. Denteen99

    NEED A BSR 42 FOR XR400R

    Broke down carb yesterday and reinstalled yesterday with 20 pilot, 130 main, clip in 3rd position. No change. Starts up in choke after 10 kicks, runs about 15-30 seconds and dies. Wont run at all without choke. Runs lean. Adjusting fuel screw seems to make no difference. All boots were tight
  3. Denteen99

    NEED A BSR 42 FOR XR400R

    I would love to get that from you, as thats exactly what I would like to know...will it run right with the stock carb. I'm not a racer, I just wanted to get a good trail bike to have some fun with friends. I'm a cautious rider as I like my bones where they are! I dont need the pumper, and if I can get the bike working, or figure that it does in fact need a rebuild as you say, I will sell this thing. It does reportedly have a 440 kit in there, so jetting will be an issue with the stock carb, but I know there is info on here about that I can find. I believe the claim that is is a 440, as when I had it running even half ass, it had some scary power for an xr. My last xr was a 200, and that was nothing like this bike is running good. If you would like to sell, please PM me or call me. I have paypal etc or we could figure something out that works for you. Original cable would prob be something I would need... Dennis
  4. Denteen99

    NEED A BSR 42 FOR XR400R

    Thanks for reply guys. Long story? Bought it used, had issues the first day, but was mainly overflowing but ran strong up till that point. Did the rebuild kit, and the float valve thingy (not a mechanic, had a 2 stroke before this and God was that easy to run!!!) was the issue due to worn Oring. It was a colorado bike, so had smaller pilot, guy I bought it from thought the larger pilot and larger main would be better for this location (200'-2000' up in the nearby mountains). So...currently 130 main, 17.5 pilot. I have pilot down to 15 available I think, hard to read. I can go down on main to like 122.5 I believe After rebuild, darn thing started fairly easy (maybe 10 kicks to get it all primed or whatever, which was much less than before), ran for small lengths of time, but popping, etc,white smoke then die. Repeat this over and over, even though it would keep starting run on choke then die. If I keep the gas on after closing choke it will run, but seems lean, then dies. Then it wouldnt start at all. I've broken this thing down many times now and I did not think I had any leaks at the boots, though it does seem possible it may be an issue. i put a new oring in the intake manifold. The air jet is not removable as the aluminum adapter (I assume its an XRS only carb due to the nice aluminum adapter) blocks it from coming out. Needle? looks pretty straight, not tapered, so thinking thats original as well. Clip 2 from the top, I will move. pumper come ons? havent messed with them, they could be messed up, I'm not sure what to do there. Screw all the way in and back off to some setting? Plan now is to go back down on the pilot. I do have a hotter plug in there (8) and will go back to the 9 perhaps after looking at it. Ideas?
  5. Denteen99

    NEED A BSR 42 FOR XR400R

    I have a 97 XR400R that I recently bought used with the Mikuni XRs only double pumper if someone is interested in a trade. I have had no luck with this carb, despite rebuild and multiple jetting changes. Tired of fighting with it. I would also be happy to buy someones BSR42 if available for sale. Dennis