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  1. Ok sweet thanks.
  2. Yes. When I first got them the seals were good and they worked all right. But now one of them is out and it's really bad, they forks seem to be Allright; but it's really twitchy when u weely of a couple whoops the front end seems to hit really hard on the ground. Or jump and land weird. Any ideas?
  3. Yea mostly dessert. But I go to the track a few times a year just to mess around, what do u suggest.
  4. I way about 130lb. And the forks are way to soft and plush. Should I do more than just the seals. Should I revalve? Put in new springs etc
  5. Hey guys I'm new to this site. I am researching on whether to try and fit new forks on to my bike or get them rebuilt? Any input on either of these topics would be greatly appreciated. And which one would be better to do in terms of suspension performance thanks. By the way it is a stock 2000 kx250