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  1. Ressy

    Unknown electrical connector

    I believe that's supposed to connect to the throttle part of the carburetor. They have some electric throttle mechanism (I can't remember what it was called) but that's where I'd guess it's from as my connector looks very similar.
  2. The piece of exhaust pipe connected directly to the cylinder on my 2002 yz250f turns red hot after idling for a few minutes. The red area stretches about 2-4 inches from the connection between the pipe and cylinder. Is this normal? Is it ok to continue using the bike even with this happening? (It does not turn red when being moving)
  3. Ressy

    KX 250f vs YZ250f

    So my buddy has a 2007 kx 250f (four stroke) and I have a 2002 yz 250f (four stroke as well.) they are both pretty much stock except we both have FMF mufflers. I was wondering which one generates more horse power, which is faster, etc. as they seem like quite comparable bikes.