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    Wife's 2007 150f build

    What did you end up finding out from ODI? I bought a 2012 crf150rb last fall and I am having the same problem. Bought the cam ODI said would work and it ended up not working. Emailed and called them to explain what was going on. They weren't much help and acted like they had no clue what we were talking about, but sent a few replacements, which either ended up being the exact same thing I already had or else totally wrong being they were for other bikes. So still none worked. The problem I'm having is the actual cam is just way too thin but the holes are perfect. Cable slips off of it immediately. This has been going on since last fall so we finally just gave up. I've been using one ODI and one stock grip until summer. Real annoyed that I have to go buy a new throttle tube and grips after spending the money on the ODI grips and cams.