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  1. Pete52

    12 tooth front sprocket

    Well, I put on the 12 T sprocket. $13.00 and a massive improvement. Wow, nice power and response. I'm going to follow the advice given, and replace the rear sprocket with a 50T and put the 13T back on to prevent the premature chain slider wear and chain wear. Thanks Everyone, Pete
  2. Pete52

    12 tooth front sprocket

    Thanks Mental Guru. I confirmed your sprocket ratios. I guess, subconsciously I chose to replace the front sprocket due to time and money. We all know haw fun it is to replace the rear sprocket. Now, the 49T with the 12T will be interesting. May be the next step, prior to buying a Husqvarna 350FE or 450FE.
  3. Pete52

    12 tooth front sprocket

    Great topic, as I have already placed an order for the 12 tooth sprocket. I'm currently riding with 13t/ 46t and all is well, except when I climb steep hills. Especially wet ones. When I can't get a running head start up the hill, the rear tire will start to spin. If I let off the gas "a little" the bike bogs down and stalls. I thought about going to a 48 to 51 tooth rear, but that does not address the SECOND issue I have when riding. I've been riding the same awesome course and progressing. When I put the bike in 3rd gear, it wants to go too fast and sacrificing the torque required to maintain stability! So, with the 12 tooth front sprocket, and 46 t rear, the calculations indicate the an approximate 35% increase in torque, and a 35% decrease in speed, from the FACTORY 14T/ 40T set up. I never ride over 55 mph on the roads to get to the dirt. On the dirt. 30-35mph is hauling, to me. I don't want to do it in 2nd gear, winding out the engine. I'll have to remember to let you guys know how it works. Pete