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  1. RiDiculous

    WR250R vs CRF250L

    It'd be nice if I could put an aftermarket exhaust on it here in California
  2. RiDiculous

    WR250R vs CRF250L

    I'm looking at these two bikes as dualsports for the price and mpg. Even though I just said I'm looking at these two as dualsports I plan on putting slicks on them because I already have a dirt bike. I don't plan on any crazy mods with them except for maybe an exhaust. Which one would you recommend and why? And if you want you can throw in the CRF250L rally model as well.
  3. RiDiculous

    KTM 300 EXC Six Days vs KTM 300 XC-W Six Days

    Thanks you guys lol
  4. I've been looking into both of these as new bikes lately since I came into a decent amount of money (so I'm looking at the 2017 models). Now, I know the primary difference between the two is that the XC-W has a wide ratio tranny. Since I can't find a ton of information on these bikes, I just have a few questions. I've heard the EXC is slow many times, is this true? I've also heard that due to its power, the XC-W isn't that great for trails. I usually ride on the street to get to the trails I ride and occasionally ride on small tracks, and I'd like to be able to go out to the dunes and possibly use it on a supermoto track, so I wouldn't mind a little extra power (this makes me lean towards the XC-W). But on the trails I think the XC-W may have too much power. But since I've been told the EXC is slow, I would rather have too much power on trails instead of too little. So which one of these bikes do you think is better? So far I'm leaning towards the XC-W.
  5. RiDiculous

    KTM 690 vs DRZ 400 S

    I've heard a lot of good and bad about both of these bikes. Mostly the weight problem though. What are your opinions? I have never owned a KTM before or even ridden one but I have ridden a few Suzuki's and aside from their weight they are very fun.
  6. I currently own a 2002 Kawasaki KDX 220R and I'm looking for a new bike. I've been looking at 04 - 08 Yamaha YZ 250s because I think they'd be better for me. Just tell me what bikes you'd recommend. I'm 14 years old, 6'0, 200 lbs, and have been riding for 9 years. And before you say my bike is perfectly fine, I will say this. I ride trails and the street and backyard tracks with my friends. My KDX lacks the power to do much on a track and it doesn't have the power I want for riding on the street either. Just wanted to get that out of the way. All recommendations are appreciated. I can buy anything below $3000.
  7. RiDiculous

    WTB KDX 220; what year to look for?

    Yes, this is an old post but I own a 2002 KDX 220R and the only problems I've had with it is the main jet (it used to come out) and my fuel petcock. No problems now.
  8. RiDiculous

    Should I purchased this yz125 ?

    I would take it for a test ride in case something seems off with it and if it seems good buy it.
  9. RiDiculous

    CRF230f vs CRF150f

    My neighbor has a 230. She seems quite happy with it. I'd go for it instead of a 150 because you'd outgrow the power and the bike itself very quick.
  10. RiDiculous

    Street Legal KDX

    I own a 2002 KDX 220R. I'd like to see if I can make it street legal because it'd save me a lot of money. I live in California and since it's a 2002 model, I think I can do this. I just need to know what I'd need to make it street legal, aside from a spark arrestor.
  11. RiDiculous

    WR450F or YZ450F

    I don't have much cash. The most I'm willing to pay for a WR is $5000 so a KTM or YZ450FX aren't really in my price range.
  12. RiDiculous

    WR450F or YZ450F

    I've been riding a KDX 220R and want to move up to a bigger bike, but I'm not sure which one of these is right for me. I haven't sold my bikes yet, so keep in mind I don't have my mind set on one that's for sale. I'm looking for a 2008 - 2009 YZ450F or a 2009 - 2011 (they didn't sell the 2010 in the US) WR450F. I'm not really sure which one is right for me though. I ride on the road to get to my riding spots so a speedometer and a brake light would be good, but I'm not sure of the WR would be good for track riding. I usually ride trails, so I'm leaning more towards the WR, but I'd also like to get into track riding and I'm not sure if the WR has the power for that. I'm really leaning towards the WR because of the suspension, body (headlight, taillight, ect.), and reliability. I haven't heard much about the YZ450F but any opinions you have on the bikes are much appreciated.
  13. RiDiculous

    Should Yamaha make a 150?

    I've been looking at 150cc bikes and have found nothing wrong with them. It seems like many people enjoy them very much. I was looking at TM Racing's 144 MX and that bike seems much appreciated alongside the KTM 150SX and KTM 150 XC-W. I think it'd be nice to see Yamaha make a 150cc 2 Stroke. I think they have done very well with 2 strokes in the past, especially considering the YZ250. Do you think they should make one?
  14. RiDiculous

    KDX Transmission problems

    I had planned on riding my 2002 Kawasaki KDX 220R today and I got about 3 miles out before I could hear the gears in my transmission start grinding. I made sure the oil level was properly filled and I always use the clutch to shift so I have no idea what's wrong with it. I've had enough issues with the bike that after this I'm going to sell it. I should also mention that when I started pushing it back home in neutral the gears would occasionally grind until I would shift it into 1st gear and back.