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  1. Between Christmas and the weather we haven't had a chance to ride. My 3 year old also got his first bike, a crf50, so hopefully Christmas day they both get a chance to break them in. Merry Christmas to Everyone!
  2. My local GasGas dealer had a manufacturer demo Contact 250 with e-start that they made me a deal on I couldn't pass up. It should be here by the end of the week! I favored the Montesa but they had no eta on when they could have one and we just sold her klx. She was worried about kicking a bike and I don't blame her. Hell I ride a Sherco that doesnt even have a kickstart. I'll post a follow up after her first ride!
  3. Thanks for the feedback. She does want to ride trials and has already looked up the women's trials class. She easily jumps logs over skid plate height on her klx. The bike will still be used mainly on trails though. We ride at least once a week and she wouldn't want to miss going. All the trials competitions are quite a drive away. Her being slow isnt a bid deal. It gives the rest of us a convenient excuse for a break. I tried to push her towards a kx100 or even an AJP but she wants a trials bike. She's about a stubborn woman and her mind is made up. There will be no changing it!
  4. The KTM 150 is a nice bike but pushing 38" seat height. She can't even hold it up sitting on the seat more or less dab on the trail. It's as tall as all other full size enduro bikes. She's 5'3 with short legs. She barely flat foots her KLX140L. The yz85 and kx100 are kick start mx bikes. I've seen kx100's converted to woods bikes but still no e-start. I'd have some interest in one but still worried about the power delivery for her as a beginner. I wish KTM made a small bike setup for woods riding. It seems like that's a big void. I think a 125 trials bike is more her size but I'm thinking of a 125 motocross bike where the power is like a light switch. I've seen Beta and GasGas both offer seats and bigger tanks for their trials bikes so maybe a 125 with a bigger tank and seat is the bike for her? She likes the idea of a full size wheelset for logs and obstacles. Is there one trials bike that's better for trails? I can get a good deal on a new Honda Montesa, GasGas or a Beta all local. Thanks!
  5. The problem with the freeride and xtrainer is they are still too tall. Her KLX has a seat height of 31 inches, crappy suspension and still weighs over 200 lbs. The closest enduro bike is the AJP but she wants a trials bike with a seat, like the gasgas contact or the beta evo sport. I think the beta might be the better choice but e-start is a BIG factor going for the gasgas. I just have zero trials bike experience and would be buying it without ever even having sat on one. Thanks for the feedback!
  6. It would be for trails. Obviously she doesn't intend to run harescrambles but how do they do for trails? She weighs 130 lbs but she's fairly strong, gym 4 days a week. I have never rode a trials bike so I have zero experience.
  7. My wife has had a year of riding now on her KLX140L and has become a good rider. The only problem is she's watched too many Graham Jarvis videos and wants a Gas Gas contact or a Beta Evo Sport. She's leaning heavy towards the Gas Gas with electric start. She's 5'3 so full size enduro bikes are out. Been there and done that, it didn't work. We ride single track and mostly slower technical stuff. She isn't a fast rider already so going slower would be hard to imagine. Any thoughts or advice is greatly appreciated!
  8. Since we came and rode wanted to give a thumbs up for Donovan. There is plenty of technical riding but plenty of easier stuff that anybody would enjoy. My wife rides a klx140l and had a great time. Trail maintenance is almost on the wacky side lol. After we left he spent the next few days with a leaf blower and I dare anybody to show me a place where the trails get blown off! Great pics of the snow and wish we could have made the trip to ride!
  9. Hey just found this topic looking on Google about it. We're just down the road in Alex City and had heard about your place through Brian. How's the riding there? Had heard it was pretty tough and technical. We mainly go to Top Trails and the BT&T lease. We're just some crappy trail hacks but we try. We usually ride most Mondays and it's hard finding places for weekday riding.
  10. What bike did you end up getting for her?
  11. The Beta had more power but the little KLX140L is geared to where first is like a tractor. It's even harder to stall and will chug along with her in 1st without throttle. She's an honest 5'3 barefoot 125 lbs and I believe the height was the biggest problem. We ride mainly single track where the power doesn't play as big of a role. We already ordered a full FMF pipe and are gonna uncork it though to get all the little bike has to offer. I hope she's able to continue to be a better rider so in the future she can move up. She was sad to see the Beta go and I wish one of the euro manufacturers offered a more quality small bike for younger or shorter riders. The 125 with a 32-33 inch seat height would have been a great bike. We measured her seat height after all the changes we made and it was still 34 1/2. That's after shaving the seat, raising the forks and almost zero preload. Like it sits factory it's almost as tall as my Sherco.
  12. The suspension felt pretty good especially at the price point. It was real soft but I weigh 210 lbs. It would have been nice to have seen at least a serviceable rear shock and forks you could buy parts for though. Saturday we bought her a new KLX140L and she rode 100% better on it. In a days worth of riding she didn't drop it once versus a dozen on the Beta. We decided it was better to be too small than to make the same mistake again. One of the guys I ride with bought the Beta for his son and his son rode it well but he's 6' tall. It is oddly tall for a beginner bike and with no good options for lowering it I don't understand what market Beta was shooting for. I still think it's a great bike for taller riders or anyone who mainly wants to dual sport it. Here is a pic of her on both bikes. Keep in mind the Beta has had over an inch of foam removed from the seat, the forks slid up and almost zero preload on the rear spring. The KLX140L is as it came from the dealer.
  13. I'm not sure. She rode it well at the barn but when we hit the single track she scared me! I was following her and she had several tip overs. She had rode that same section several times in the past on the old XR100 so she knew the trail. I don't think it's a bad bike, it's just not the right one for her right now. I have to admit I was surprised to hear her say that she still liked riding after yesterday. If I had that day of riding I'd push my bike off a cliff lol.
  14. Well my wife had her first day of riding on the Beta 125 and she didn't do well. She can touch but just barely but I'm not sure if it was the extra height, weight or the power that was the biggest factor. All I learned is she isn't ready to graduate up to more of a full size bike. I tried to steer her towards something with a smaller wheel set but she loved the Beta and I don't blame her, it's a beautiful bike. We are gonna look back at the play bike sizes or possibly a KX100. Anyway looks like we'll be listing a 30 mile Beta 125 RR-S in the classifieds lol.
  15. I agree and it's a shame that every bike that worked for my wife had some sort of drawback. She didn't want a 2 stroke or a MX bike trying to mod it for the woods. The crf and ttr 230's are too heavy and freaking drum rear brakes! A xtrainer is too much power. The 125 is too tall and in my opinion under powered. I emailed Beta and even if the dealer installs the big bore kit it voids the warranty so that's a bummer. She seems content with the power of the 125 so far but I can't imagine her not getting bored with it pretty quick. I'd like to see and hear some feedback on the big bore kit but haven't been able to find any. As far as weight my Sherco supposedly weighs 239 and I can attest to the Beta 125 feeling MUCH lighter. She struggles to pick my bike up but picked up her 125 easily both times she dropped it. I don't put too much faith in any manufacturer's published weights.