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  1. Happens to the best of us. Only you can decide. Everyone I ride with has broke an ankle or worse. Like was said above, from now on, when it gets too rough, i turn around. Been on the dual sport since, bit no serious dirt...yet. Good luck.
  2. Not sure. We are so diversified on terrain here in the South West, but there are so many gates and restricted land regs. Suprised we can ride at all! Still lots of fun and legal areas.
  3. After a couple of hours of that we were all gassed. It was brake, foot down, slow up on the pegs. At first fun, but it never ended, haha. I'm in decent shape (57), but 2 hours of it kicked my ass. Riding the DRZ was a bad idea too (my son was on my XR). Came out w/a cast on my right ankle, lol. Still a great day!!
  4. One to avoid, haha: Riding Crab Flats, near Running Springs (San Berdoo Mtns). EZ fun ride in the pines via fire roads. Avoid White Mountain Trail; motorcycle hell. We tried it as a short cut...bad idea. Posted as a jeep trail, expert. I knew better, but...For those of u in restricted Calif land, this is nice ride and ez to get to.
  5. DRZPM

    Bike Weight Overrated?

    Well for an old man of 57, my XR600 and DRZ400 do me well. Besides at 5-8/215, I won't win any races but do like the power to get up those tough hills at Stoddard (So Cal Desert). Besides the heavy bikes are an inncentive to stay in the gym, haha. Tight single track is challenging, but overall trail riding and hill climbing are a hoot. Did jump on a CRF last trip and admit it was fun. Stay safe!