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  1. Yamaha Squad

    Help With Stripped Drain Plug

    Hi, i am not able to tighten the plug. it starts to feel like it's getting tight then just spines.
  2. Yamaha Squad

    Help With Stripped Drain Plug

    Hi I have a 2007 Yamaha TTR 125, I pulled it out last night from winter storage. I pulled the front and back wheels off checked everything lubed the chain made sure it was tight and all the pre season things. I went to go change the oil and pulled the drain plug. I noticed a little coil of metal came out with it and under closer inspection, I guess I have stripped my oil drain plug. Help what do I do? Thanks
  3. Yamaha Squad

    2007 TTR 125

    Thanks so much i will definitely look into everything.
  4. Yamaha Squad

    2007 TTR 125

    i don't want a better 1 and 2 gear. My acceleration is very good on the bike i would like more top speed.
  5. Yamaha Squad

    2007 TTR 125

    Hi i have a 2007 ttr 125 small wheel. If i'm correct stock gearing is 13 up front and 54 in the rear? I would like to get a bit more top end speed out of the bike, as my friends is jetted and just want to be able to almost or even keep up with him. Him bike goes just around 95 kmh. Can anyone suggest what teeth amount and a brand. Thanks