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  1. The bikes still pretty new 28 hours so I wouldn’t think the pump or seal is going. It had oe coolant/whatever the shop put in it before I drained it and put the peak in it. I am now thinking I might’ve bent the tabs on the radiator so the cap isn’t sealing correctly. I slid out in a corner and my boot caught the oem cap and it bent it up bad. Hence why i got the CV4 cap now
  2. I’ve never had this issue before. I bought some peak coolant, pre mixed from autozone. And my bike is eating it up. I top it off after every ride and when I check back it’s below the fins. I was at a desert race yesterday and on the start line my bike was just slightly dripping when running. It couldn’t have been that hot to be boiling over. Its either bad coolant or the cap isn’t holding pressure. Anyone have issues like this? Bike: 2018 YZ250X, stock radiators, CV4 rad cap.
  3. Ok so I got the cylinder sent off to powerseal today. I’m having them Replate and match it to the oem “a”/red spec. Should have that back in a few weeks. I did what I could to clean the frame and cases without spending too much time and making it too shiny, it is gonna get dirty anyways right?!
  4. Pretty Cool! I don’t plan on porting, but I have never really given it much thought. I think the side by side comparisons I’ll be able to do will help a bunch. But say I don’t like something and want to try it different, it’ll be easier to switch the head, or cdi, or rad valve etc. Than it would be to re-port (if you can re-port a cylinder?)
  5. What would this do? Just clean out all the oil residue? These pictures show what I’m working with better
  6. Luckily I’ve got 2 bikes lol. I’m going to try and convert this one and make it more like my X I pulled the cylinder off to check the piston and crank, and Cylinder looks a bit f’ed. It looks to me like it needs to be replated. (I told myself this is a perfect time to try making it like the X) From all the threads I’ve read, the 250x cylinder doesn’t really change much (power wise). It’s more the head and CDI from what I can tell, correct? Millenium said 285 flat rate reguardless, Unicom said 199-250, and proven moto wants to help get it done for 200-250. Anybody got suggestions as to where to take it or who to go with? As for the X build, not going to buy the X cylinder or power valve slide because it seems they don’t change the curve much. I asked about cutting the stock head and it’d be cheaper just to buy the 250x head, $111 on Rocky Mountain.
  7. It was for a YZ250. The info the chart gave wasn’t spot on but is close.
  8. Thanks! Could too rich of a pilot cause a sudden bog hesitation like I said above? I think reguarless what i mix, there is still a issue in the carb area which is why I came here to see if anybody can help or has had a similar situation.
  9. This is the plug I pulled out at the race. Has probably 15-18 hours run time
  10. When I was running 32:1 or 40:1 whichever it was I was about a 168 main if I remember right. The smaller “leaner” main jet is to compensate for the larger amount of fuel in the mix. If you are suggesting that my main is too lean, it could not be with how it runs currently, plugs look good, and bike runs bad with a larger main. Now the pilot could be too rich, the 50 at elevation was groggy and when I put the 48 in it cleared it up. I am going to try the needle, and probably drop the pilot after that 1-2 sizes The picture is the plug I just pulled out of my bike, has maybe 5-8 hours on it. This morning I rode it up and down the street for a second to see if it was any different (I got a FMF silencer) I live almost exactly 5000ft. The plug shows it’s not starving for oil, it’s getting enough
  11. Haha mix 80:1
  12. Was running stock needle. Changed to N3CW last night will see if it helps I will also try changing the pilot, but just need to change one thing at a time.
  13. Couple of years ago when I got my first YZ250, I started riding with a kid who was racing in the desert on a KTM 250SX. He swore by Amsoil Saber, even racing at 65-75 mph. He then went and raced some gncc’s and east coast races. Never had an issue. At the time I was running Dominator (something like 32:1) and I tried the Saber. It burns cleaner, the bike is noticeably faster, pistons look good, doesn’t burn up plugs, and I only need 8oz to fill up a 5 gallon can . Since I’ve tried it, won’t run any other premix. I don’t think the fuel is the problem, just something in the carb is a little out of order
  14. 45 degrees, maybe a bit more it started leaking. Pulled the carb off anyway and it looks good too me, not way out of wack, pretty close
  15. Bike is stock. Haven’t even pulled the carb off the bike. I definetly will tonight or tomorrow am. Could it incorrectly set from the manufacturer or have “broke in” and moved the float?