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    Crf525 06 jetting

    NO F^&%&^ WAY!!!!! ITS A GUN!!!!!! I cant hold it and the 450sm i have it for fun! Hit max rev like the lighting! Ok, i keep it in 180 and i wacht it for a few days. No lag no heat no blop blop just a little back fires. Just a nice and monster crf.. God.. Huge power.. O! And may i have a problem with the carb, want start with the chock, and if i pull it drops the prm at idle. Tomorrow im just write the settings i done just if someone needs to know and find out the problem of this.
  2. Chris Maris

    Custom bike suggestions!

    nice post. Im building to a custom supermoto. Parts from Honda crf 450 02-12, Ktm, aprilia and my crf525 engine. Its nice to see posts like this
  3. Chris Maris

    Crf525 06 jetting

    no laggin, just to long for crf to go up from 9500 to 11000 rpm. Go for one more time with the 180 main. and tomorrow im starting jetting under 160.
  4. Chris Maris

    Crf525 06 jetting

    i read it base the manual says bro. Maybe im wrong. Open mind to those projects. but much better running now with 170 and no back fires or lags. a little laggin in 10k prm but may fault the stock head and carb i think.
  5. Chris Maris

    Crf525 06 jetting

    ok, seems the spark plug is a little lean with 170 main. i go back to 180. running and checking again.
  6. Chris Maris

    Crf525 06 jetting

    I put the stock MENF cdi. seems the new athena cdi having problem.. lagging over time.. waste money again..
  7. Chris Maris

    Crf525 06 jetting

    Ok. Today i have time so im going to jetting it. I put the spark plug out and seems to be lean with 170 main again. And the bike cut power. With 180 its rich but have a tons of power, hitting 5th gear for fun and always keep the front tyre in air, not in 4/4 accel, in 3/4. Jetting and riding again with the 170 and some setting in needle and mixing screw.
  8. Chris Maris

    Crf525 06 jetting

    Thnx bro for you responding. I put a 168 main, work it for 2days and today i put the spark out. I see rhe spark white but not for fuel. Worn spark. I put a 180 main and a new spark. I have more back fire in when a deaccelarating and more temp. I check the spark tomorrow morning to see the color.I order 140-145-150-155-160 main jet for lean it. When i find the right jetting i post it.
  9. Bro try to put a 42 pilot jet and start with 1 1/4. if it better drop to 40.
  10. Hi! Need some help with my crf450 06 bored/stroked to 525 supermoto. My bike wear by engine side: HotRods +3mm crankshaft Wiseco piston 101mm Custom cylinder. Fcr 41 carb with oem setings-jets Compression 13:1 Stock Header and bigger/sorter euxhast Free airfilter stock cam Steel intake valves with dual springs Athena CDI with 2 programs (on programm is the bigger header, porting head, QS2, dual ex springs and a hotrod stage3 cam) Anyone can help? Thnx a lot