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  1. Nate8318

    Won't start...

    It's run flawlessly
  2. Nate8318

    Won't start...

    Right under the fuel tank, bellow the fuel pump. White wire coming off the voltage regulator.
  3. Nate8318

    Won't start...

    I found my problem, I wire off the voltage regulator was chaffed, repaired it and the bike fired right up. The FI light flashed as it should and all. Thanks everyone for your suggestions.
  4. Nate8318

    Won't start...

    The valves are all good and I replaced the fuel filter. The problem was there before the grease was applied. I think it has to do with the fuel pump not energizing... the FI light doesn't blink telling me the pump and fuel system doesn't know that the bike is turning over.
  5. Nate8318

    Won't start...

    I have also tried a new spark plug
  6. Nate8318

    Won't start...

    I have a 2015 FC 350. The bike has a new battery and a full tank of fresh gas. When I try to start it, the motor turns over like it should but the FI light doesn't flash and it doesn't even sputter. I've checked all the connections and have put fresh dielectric grease in all the connectors. I've tried a new fuel filter still nothing. Any suggestions?