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  1. Mental240sx

    2013 Kx450f with 86h

    Thanks for all the info, that's what I wanted to hear ­čśÇ. QUICK UPDATE: I ended up buying 2013 kx450f last Saturday. I meet seller at the track and....... Immediately fell in love with the bike. Suspensions felt amazing on that thing, it was setup by race tech for him. ( he is 200lb I'm 205lb) so that's pretty close. Bike had some goodies on it like asv leavers , new grips , chain guide's... Etc. Overall I'm very happy with the purchase and Counting hours until Saturday /track day. Thanks again for all the replies.
  2. Mental240sx

    2013 Kx450f with 86h

    No i want to buy Kx450f. I found 2012 and 2013 with 300$ difference between them. (2013 more expensive). Now try to decide if go with 13 and PSF forks or get 12 with AOSS forks.
  3. Mental240sx

    2013 Kx450f with 86h

    Hi guys I have one more question. How long do you guys own you're bikes , and do you have any mechanical problem with PSF forks? I try to look this up but most posts are from 2012 , and people bashing PSF forks. Yet most of them start arguments with..... Buddy of mine once told me...... Or ..... I would not risk blowing forks on landing.... That said most of these comments are from people that never own this suspension. Or should I stick to 2012 models over 13-14? If that any help I ride MX tracks 98% of the time.
  4. Mental240sx

    2013 Kx450f with 86h

    Thanks for replying. That's what I was afraid off. So it will need new top end right away­čśĹ
  5. Mental240sx

    2013 Kx450f with 86h

    Hi guys I recently found 2013 kx450f in good price , the only thing that's worries me is that time meter have 86h on it. Do you guys think its ok to push it to 100h mark before top end rebuilt or does it need immediate attention? BTW bike looks/ sounds great. Im pretty excited about PSF forks. I like the idea of replacing spring with air chamber in 13 and 14 model before they make complicated Showa TAC forks in 2015. I would like to hear from people that use them before.... the good/bad about them. I had yz400f , currently I own 04 yz250 2T , is there anything special I suppose to watch out before buying my first Kawi? Thanks in advance.