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  1. Thank you Shawn, I feel like it should be do-able then. I appreciate your help!
  2. Soccer* has the right ideas there. If they sat for that long, they are most likely seized, and if they had water in them half way up the engine, the starters are most likely frozen as well. You can buy complete 650 engines for $250-$400 depending on your area. Everything else should be fine - the pump bearings may need to be replaced though. Jet skis are simple compared to dirt bikes - no gear boxes to deal with, and you can still buy nearly everything for them either OEM or aftermarket on ebay or amazon. WWW.X-h2o and www.pwctoday are two great forums to chat with people and buy parts from. I'm a jet ski nut... if you need any specific advice, I'd be happy to help. If you are on Facebook, my friend Cory Fautsch has a HUGE supply of clean used parts. Let him know I sent you his way. Jason Crossland
  3. I know this post is 11 years old, but I just bought a 03' CRF450 with this same issue - is replacing these seals a huge job? A little background - I am a hack jet ski mechanic that can rebuild any 2 stroke ski out there.