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    1985 XR 350 Motor swap? Help

    Thanks lombardim. I'll start looking for a xr 400 motor just in case it looks like a bomb went off inside the engine. In a perfect world I hope it didn't damage the bottom end but we will see when I crack her open in the next few days. I might have some more questions for you in the future when I do so since you have been through the whole process already. Thanks again.
  2. Hey all , First post and look forward to helping others out where needed. Im working on 1985 xr350. The engine is seized and I believe it is a cam chain that came off, but it could be a number of things. I'm in the process of taking the motor out to get a closer inspection, but know from my history of working on bikes the cam chain can be catastrophic to the engine if it came off at high rpms. MY question is , Is there a motor that will bolt right in that is more available than trying to find a complete 85 xr350 motor? This questions answers from you all will help me if i deem the motor not worth repair. Parts are hard to find for this motor otherwise I would restore regardless.