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  1. Hello, I just got a wr250f 2005 model and I rode it for about 30 minutes and the engine seized. I took it apart and found the crank rod snapped around the big end. It was a wiseco rod so I assume it was a wiseco crank. I am ready to buy a new crank and rebuild it after everything was destroyed except the minor things like bearings and stuff. I found a used yz250f crank from a 2010 with very low hours on it on ebay and I am wondering if i change to a yz crank will that affect anything besides the electric start I am going to delete it anyway, but can i still use my WR flywheel and stator with the yz crank. The only reason I am buying the used crank with 10 hours on it is because it is half the price of a new crank? I am just trying to keep my spending low but dont want to have to do this again. Also thinking of maybe getting a hot rods crank kit but I heard some negative reviews. Any help on this would help me out thanks