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  1. jarides24

    Kx250f backfiring a lot

    to pull the valve cover and check timing and all that,i literaly spent all my money on the bike so i taking it to a shop is out if the question for a lil while.unless you think its a bad idea for me to try and do my self
  2. jarides24

    Kx250f backfiring a lot

    is their a link i can go to to see how to do that? i havent touched a bike since i was like 13 i bot this one to get back into racing
  3. jarides24

    Kx250f backfiring a lot

    i did forget to mention,i let my friend take it for a ride around my field and thats when it started backfiring and stalling out,before that it rode fine
  4. jarides24

    Kx250f backfiring a lot

    PLEASE HELP!!! i have a 2010 kx250f,just got it last week got it home and it rode fine just started it up a hour ago and its backfiring and quits if i let off the throttle,runs with choke on though but seems like its idling really high,only aftermarket mod i no of is exhaust