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  1. colorado livin nlah

    03 yz450f won't idle

    Thanks worked like a charm.
  2. colorado livin nlah

    03 yz450f won't idle

    Thanks for the info. I tried to do as you suggested, but unsuccessful. Do you suggest I hold the clutch lever while I kick it in gear ? I gassed the hell out of it and didn't want to go. I've found other threads here with similar problems, how hard is it to clean the plates ? I don't even know where they are located.
  3. colorado livin nlah

    03 yz450f won't idle

    I got it to idle. The idle speed screw was stuck, but now a new problem. The clutch won't engage/ disengage not sure which way it works. The bike has sat for a couple years, is it possible that the clutch plates are stuck ? Its somewhat cold, but not cold enough for it to not start. The clutch cable is tight, and pulls the mechanism. I'm really confused it didn't do this when I parked it.
  4. colorado livin nlah

    03 yz450f won't idle

    I've gone through the carb, cleaned it. I rejetted it for altitude, all new jets. I broke the float bowl cover so I got an r&d power bowl with an adjustable accelerator pump. The bike won't fire unless I hold the throttle at 5 or 10% and will die if I let go of the throttle. I've moved the fuel screw as much as I can both ways.. did nothing. I've messed around with the throttle cable.. tight and loose.. I'm not sure what else to try. Could it be related to the throttle position censor ? Maybe related to the float ? I did nothing to the float.. would the wrong float position result in no idle ?
  5. colorado livin nlah

    03 YZ450 Carb Problem

    I also have an 03 yz450f. I can't get it to idle unless I'm holding the throttle open. It won't start unless I hold the throttle, as soon as I let go it dies. I've gone through the carb, cleaned it everything looks good. Any ideas ?