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  1. MikeA

    2007 KTM 125sx

    Hey guys i'm going to check out a 2007 125sx today and was wondering if i'm missing out on any problems. it has a bunch of extras like an oversized tank and a bunch of other shit lol. he's asking 2500 but said he would do 2200. i think it's a good deal but i'm not sure. what do u guys think. i'm going to be going to the track a little but mostly trail riding.
  2. MikeA

    YZ 85

    Okay ill probably go with the kx100 since its probably the better trail bike. Thanks for your input
  3. MikeA

    YZ 85

    I'm 15 about 5'5 and 125lbs
  4. MikeA

    YZ 85

    Hey guys. I'm looking to buy an 85 2 stroke and a 2005 YZ 85 came up for 900. Is that a good deal and a good bike it is in my price range and i am considering it? I am looking to do mostly trail riding but want the power. I will be going to the track as well but not as much as the wood. Thanks Mike