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    01 yz250f wont kick over

    Hey. I have an 01 yz250f. I was riding one day, bikes doing just fine. I was on my way home and it started bogging down. I was already pi**ed off so I just gave it more gas to get home. I was cruising down the street, going about 40 and my bike tire just locked up. Almost wrecked haha. Sat there, tried starting it. The kicker would not go down at all. So I kept trying to bumpstart it. Finally started. It was bogging down even worse and I just wanted to go home. About 20 seconds in, locked up again. Kicker wouldn't budge and bump starting wouldn't do anything. Tire just skidded down the black top. Had a friend come and pick me up, got home, metal shavings in the oil. Tore the head off, top end was fine. Kicker still wouldn't go down. My crank looked a little burnt. Any ideas on what it is? I'm guessing the good ol 01 crank went out. At least the bearings.