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  1. ADAVEN6

    Need Help (Timing)

    I got the timing chain and it was alot easier to time and alot closer, but i found out that my intake cam was stiff. so i did some looking and found out that i need to use a torque wrench, as i did not have one.
  2. ADAVEN6

    Need Help (Timing)

    Ok. thank you
  3. ADAVEN6

    Need Help (Timing)

    i did not replace the timing chain i will try that. but is it better to have the exhaust high or low?
  4. ADAVEN6

    Need Help (Timing)

    I just replaced the rings in my 07 yz450f and when i put it back together it did not kick start so i pull started it and it ran (kinda) but at high rpms it would bog. i know its not the carb because i had it in another bike and it ran fine. but then i could not start it a second time. it would start for 1 or 2 seconds but not run. so i took it apart and found the timing was off (more then i thought) but one of the cam timing marks was always to high or to low. so i got it as close as i could but now it has a ton of compression, is that good? please help