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    rm125 engine leaking transmission fluid

    so my best bet is pretty much to get a new water pump seal & also change the tranny fluid obviously. you wouldn't happen to know anywhere i can get a seal would you?
  2. ok so let me start by saying that i am no expert when it comes to this sort of thing so if i get anything wrong in this thread i am sorry... so i got my first dirt bike which as you can see by the title it was a 1995 2 stroke suzuki rm 125. after riding it for about 15 hours throughout numerous days i noticed milky grey transmission fluid leaking somewhere from the top end. now after getting it home i opened up what is assume is the power valve case cover??? (see picture provided) when i opened this cover i had the same milky grey fluid all over the place inside this cover. now my questions are does transmission fluid belong inside this and if not how did it get there and secondly why is my fluid that milky grey colour?