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  1. thereal_775

    2012 crf250r efi problems

    i figured out it was ignition timing was way off and everthing else was perfect just timing was off and the ecm picked up on it and corrected the mapping i assume but thanks for the input
  2. thereal_775

    2012 crf250r efi problems

    I am recently having issues out of my efi on my 2012 crf250. idk what exactly the problem is but here is the symptoms. when my bike is cold it runs fine idles and everything, its extremely peppy to (when cold) after my bike warms up it wont idle then you start riding it and it becomes less peppy or responsive after about 20min of hard riding my bike begins to start bogging like a 2stk with a fouled plug if you stop and let it cool completely down the process will repeat it runs great cold but as it warms up it runs crappier begging to bog has no hp and idk what it is. I have a brand new rebuild like 10hr new valves 5hr new coil 3hr new spark plug the throttle body is clean I just did that all sensors are plugged in. I was told either a throttle position sensor, fuel pump, or a intake air temperature sensor. any ideas on what's going on here