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  1. John Spicer

    #8 carb slide

    ok awesome gonna have the mod done what suzuki needle do you use? thank you
  2. John Spicer

    #8 carb slide

  3. im thinking about having my 7 carb slide cut to a 8 is this mod worth it? I ride from 300ft sea level to 4000. thanks for the input.
  4. John Spicer

    05 yz250 powdercoat frame

    naw i plan on riding it just thought it looked tight. just didnt know how well the powder coat holds up
  5. wanted to get your thoughts on the best person or company to rebuild my yz250 motor bottom to top and go through it and do a really good job. who do you all think is the best? thanks
  6. going to pull the motor out of my yz250 and was thinking about getting the frame powder coated. does the powdercoating hold up or is this a bad idea any recommendations would be awesome thanks for your guys time. this is what i want my bike to look like when all set and done